i am definitely not a fan of this kind of music. chris brown, tyga, wtvr. but this songs has gotten ahold of me.  i am all about lyrics. and a few of these very simple lines i find myself obsessing over. is it influence? relation? lamentation? bitterness? all of the above? or the possibility that it's catchy. yeah, i think that's it. the other speculations are a waste of energy.

i've been tormented with these terrible back aches lately... for about a week straight i haven't been able to stand up straight let alone walk, lay or sit down. but thanks to a sweetheart, i am scheduled for a massage and acupuncture session at a doctors office today at 4:30. which is very soon, mrs. late-for-everything! ahhh massage... this should be relieving.  

hmmm, relieved... why do i feel so alienated from this state of mind...?

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