Holiday Outfit Brainstorm!

With all of the holiday madness among us, it's only natural for us ladies to have all of the more reason to go shopping and get dolled up, which both happen to be two of my absolute favorite pastimes! I've been searching high and low for the right holiday outfit, mainly for New Years Eve... the night I embrace my inner glam goddess the most! I am very picky when it comes to my eventful outfits, always shopping with a particular look in mind. I've tried to stray away from my tunnel vision as much as I can, since it only makes shopping harder when I act so stubborn with myself! Anywhoo, here are a few lovely pieces I found while on a serious style surf! Along with the links back to the sites where the pieces can be found. I visited sites such as Asos, MotelRocks, and NastyGal. Let me know what you gals think!

Also fell in love with this makeup...
definitely worth a try on such a glamourous night!
All about the eyes!!

And I have a few AWESOME mani ideas!!!!!

And I'm sure these beauties will accent any dress just fine!!!
Worth a whopping $6k, a girl can dream <3 <3 <3

Sigh, I hope i find the right dress... or better yet I hope it finds me!
Knowing how stubborn I can be, I'll probably end up making my dress!
We'll just have to see!


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