aesthetic principles.

one of my first shoots. 
about 5 months into my modeling.

morals. dignity. principles. beliefs. integrity. ethics.
every single one means a whole lot to me. these are the main ingredients in a stephanie recipe. regardless of whatever comes my way, i try my best to keep my morals. and one of the most challenging ways to practice this is through my modeling.

i have been modeling for about two years. a gorgeous and good friend of mine not only mentioned but encouraged and showed me how to get my portfolio started. soon enough i was networking my life away with all kinds of photographers/makeup artists/models. from inept rookies to gifted pros. i would shoot up to 5 times a week. eagerly working on my look, experience, and portfolio. eventually i began collaborating with different businesses. from up and coming street wear to world renowned top makeup brands. i only shoot beauty/glamour/editorial. i don't do fashion, being that i am petite. 
plus i feel i am best at beauty anyway.

i do not do nudity. with anyone for anything. i am also extremely careful in how i portray myself in every shot. i try my best to portray grace, taste, and class. while still being able to stay alluring, sexy, sensual, and natural.

i have done implied nudity in the past. after all, one shouldn't deprecate what one knows little about. i see nothing wrong in nude modeling, and look up to many beautiful models who do nude.
 but it's just not for me.

it has only been 2 years so i'm still a baby. and i have a long way to go before i can go from ASPIRING model to MODEL. but i LOVE it. there was a time when certain hardships life threw at me made me cease my modeling all together. but that has long gone now and i have been back on my grind.

i recently have been greatly inspired to start shooting again as much as i can. the 5x a week shoots is what got me the great gigs, which then came with the great opportunities and publicity. 
but it all starts with hard work.

i will be posting up pictures from my latest (and definitely one of my favorite) shoot with the talented alejandro cerdena in my next post.


gibran said...

your aesthetic principles for beauty are matched by you intelligence. have you noticed that you are much more eloquent than lets say...what we see on america's next top model?

Kenneth said...

Steph you DO portray grace, taste, and class. Your shots are amazing and the blogs are great as well