StephieSoSexy x LooneyToons !

Friday April 12th at Gallery Bar in the LES come check out my solo exhibition "SSS x LooneyToons"!! A series of 10 graphic design photographs merging both cartoon and human worlds into one, awakening your inner child! Starring the LooneyToons cast alongside your girl SSS. Sponsored by AmPmNewYork , Flud Watches, and KarenClosetNY.
Open bar, free goodies, great art, great people!!

There is also an birthday/exhibition afterparty right after the event!

Hope to see you there!


Adidas Unite All Originals Nail Art Event!

Adidas Originals made all nail art lovers very happy this past weekend with their 3-day pop up nail salon in honor of their Teyana Taylor GLC sneaker collaboration. Adidas' Unite All Originals provided complimentary manicures, featuring six vibrant designs, each matching a GLC sneaker. From wild cheetah prints, to rock-star studs, the manis had all nail art lovers raving! Various nail artists took part of the event, and showed off their flawless mani skills.  Christina Rinaldi head of PrimaCreative, handpicked each artist, putting together a team of kick-ass nail art ladies. Adidas also held a fun nighttime event in celebration of the shop. DJ sets by Chromeo and The Misshapes had everyone rocking out after their fresh manis.

If you've followed my blog long enough, you'll know about my love for nail art. So of course I had to attend this superb event! Check out my mani fun at Adidas Unite All Originals event!

Scope NYC 2013 & the MLB FanCave!

Scope is one of the premier showcases for International emerging contemporary art and multi-disciplinary creative programming. Scope is known for presenting the most innovative galleries, artists, and curators. From March 6th to March 10th, Scope came to town and brought life to the NYC Art scene. Yours truly had the wonderful opportunity to document the phenomenal works of art that Scope exhibits. Everywhere you looked, you were stunned by beautiful masterpieces, all effortfully put together by new and established dynamic artists.

Check out some of my favorite pieces from the art show!

MAC Archie's Girls Review!

Hello lovely readers!

As I mentioned before, MAC Cosmetics released their Archie's Girls line last month, making my happy Archie-loving heart sing with joy! The collection went fast, with many of the products selling out within hours of the online release! I managed to grab myself a few of the goodies from the line.

The Archie's Girls collection pays homage to the lovely ladies Betty and Veronica from the classic Archie Comics series. Two very diffrent personalities, each character had their own range line of lipsticks, blushes, nail polishes, powders, and more. Betty is your bubbly and friendly girl next door, with her collection rconsisting of bubble gum pinks, peach, and humble corals. While Veronica is the more daring and sexier one of the two, with her collection made up of vampy reds, deep violets, and bold berries.

Both ladies are lovely, but having grown up on Archie Comics, I grew a never-ending love for Veronica. I felt I could relate to the racy brunnette alot more. And when MAC released the Veronica collection, I was so please with the results! When picking out my cosmetics, I found myself buying almost the whole Veronica line! While the Betty collection was just as amazing, I see alot of myself in the bold and beautiful Veronica!

Check out my review on MAC's Archie's Girls collection!

Winter Wednesday

The frosty embrace of winter has been among us here in NYC, making us chilly New Yorkers flee for warmth! And there's plenty of places to find warmth in my city! I want to share with my readers a picture summary of what winter has had in store for me, along with many warmth filled moments!

No captions, no descriptions, just captured instances.
A picture's worth a thousand words, so here's my winter story!

Riots&Roses NPNHNW S'13 LookBook!

I had the pleasure of working with the great people behind Riots & Roses when putting together their Spring 2013 Campaign. They've recently released their spankin new digital LookBook, and yours truly got to play with guns as pictured above, shooting the cover! Get your first view on their upcoming collection inside the No Prisoners No Hostages No Witnesses video HERE !

And make sure to follow Riots at @riotsandroses
The collection will launch soon so stay tuned!



DOPEOVERDOSE.COM is a Street Life blog embracing the urban culture and style uprise throughout NYC and abroad. DOPE OD brings you the latest Street Wear fashions, music, technology and even beautiful ladies! Supporting both SSS and Street Wear line RIOTS & ROSES, DOPE OD got to know me in a recent interview. Troy Paraiso, D.O.D's editor in chief asked about my views on Valentine's Day, travel musts, and what's "So Sexy" about SSS!  

Troy Paraiso: Though you don't do much fashion modeling, you do support dope Streetwear brands like, Riots & Roses. What is it about Streetwear that attracts you?
SSS': Theres a lot of character behind Streetwear. Streetwear always has a story to tell along with a bond to the average joe, which happens to dress fresh to death. I love the passion most Streetwear designers pour into their work, while still honoring simplicity. Sometimes, you can even see the beautiful struggle behind a Streetwear brand. Starting from the bottom, and climbing to the top. A journey most of us can relate to.

Troy Paraiso: Tell me, what is it that makes Stephania Arenas, so sexy? Is it your smile, is it your eyes, or is it your seducing manner in your photos?
SSS': All of the above, lol! To be honest, Stephania Arenas isn't the sexy one, it's Stephie that's the one being SoSexy. StephieSoSexy loves to embrace her sexiest feature of all, her confidence. Confidence is the ultimate ingredient in sex appeal. SSS' also believes that self love is what truly brings all the boys to the yard, ;). There's no other belief that SSS' pushes harder.

Check out the rest of my interview with HERE !
Plus a badass pic of yours truly from my RIOTS and ROSES shoot! 

S/O to Troy Dee and Erick!


New Layout: MonoWild v.11

Hello loves!

I've cooked up yet another look for my baby SSS blog! As the seasons change, so do my inspirations. I usually change my blog's look every 4 months or so. Inspired by the current atmosphere, I'll let my creativity manifest itself onto the look of my blog. The aesthetics of my site are VERY important to me, as I tend to be a perfectionist about it. I call my new look, MonoWild, a clean fusion of wild and monochrome.

Inspired by refreshing amplitude, I tried my best to maintain a convenient simplicity throughout my blog by  monochromatic and neutral tones, while keeping the interest with a touch of wild, tiger stripes. And last but not least, a hint of oxblood, a current obsession of mine.

The header image is a candid of me, photographed by my beau and edited by me. The entire layout, coding, photography (in blog posts) and graphics all throughout the site are all done by me. More info on the layout can be found to the right, on my "LAYOUT" sidebar.

Any inquiries, please feel free to contact me!

What do you guys think of my new look?


❤ SSS Valentine's Day Rescue! ❤

Luh-luh-LOVE is in the air! All over and everywhere! I am the ultimate sucker for all things LOVE. Nothing like lovers who indulge in each other's presence, essence, and embrace. Love will warm the coldest hearts, the lonliest souls, and can bring together masses of people. We have all experienced some sort of love, and most importantly fought to hold onto it. Wether the love survived or moved on, we can all relate to the beautiful life-zesting warmth that fills our hearts when in love. I am a true believer that there is no bigger power, nor bigger energy than LOVE, defeating even the darkest of forces. No place, no experience, no wealth, no THING can compare to the force and beauty of LOVE! And that there is such a beautiful and majestic existence...

Valentine's day celebrates love and lovers throughout the world! Everyday is a day for love, but Valentine's Day just makes the day a little bit sweeter. A day to embrace that special person that makes you feel like you're on top of the world. You don't need to spend mega bucks to honor your lover. Nor result to extravagance. You'd be surprised the impact thoughtfulness can have on your beau!. Mixed in with a little bit of effort and a dash of creativity, you got yourself the ultimate Valentine's Day gift!

SSS is here to help you put together the perfect gift for you beau! Affordable, thoughtful and bound to impress... Check out my Valentine's Day gift ideas!

MAC Presents "Archie's Girls"

If you've followed my blog long enough, or if you know me at all, you'll know about my obsession with Archie Comics. I nearly fell out of my seat when MAC Cosmetics announced their upcoming collaboration with Archie's Comics, releasing in 2013, a few months back.

Well, the day has arrived and the collection will be unleashed tomorrow January 30th, online! I am beyond excited for this collection! Having grown up reading Archie comics cover to cover, I've collected Archies throughout the years and have piled up quite a lot of Archie goodies! This collection will be a great addition to my Archie madness, although my wallet will have to forgive me! 

Check out the MAC Archie's Girls collection!