❤ SSS Valentine's Day Rescue! ❤

Luh-luh-LOVE is in the air! All over and everywhere! I am the ultimate sucker for all things LOVE. Nothing like lovers who indulge in each other's presence, essence, and embrace. Love will warm the coldest hearts, the lonliest souls, and can bring together masses of people. We have all experienced some sort of love, and most importantly fought to hold onto it. Wether the love survived or moved on, we can all relate to the beautiful life-zesting warmth that fills our hearts when in love. I am a true believer that there is no bigger power, nor bigger energy than LOVE, defeating even the darkest of forces. No place, no experience, no wealth, no THING can compare to the force and beauty of LOVE! And that there is such a beautiful and majestic existence...

Valentine's day celebrates love and lovers throughout the world! Everyday is a day for love, but Valentine's Day just makes the day a little bit sweeter. A day to embrace that special person that makes you feel like you're on top of the world. You don't need to spend mega bucks to honor your lover. Nor result to extravagance. You'd be surprised the impact thoughtfulness can have on your beau!. Mixed in with a little bit of effort and a dash of creativity, you got yourself the ultimate Valentine's Day gift!

SSS is here to help you put together the perfect gift for you beau! Affordable, thoughtful and bound to impress... Check out my Valentine's Day gift ideas!

  For your special Lady! ❤ 

We'll begin with some Valentine's Day gift ideas for that gorgeous girl in your life. The woman of your heart, the apple of your eye, the woman that makes your heart beat! This gal deserves good lovin everyday, not just on February 14th. But she deserves something a little sweeter on this special day. Yes, it can get a bit difficult when wanting to please us, but you'd be surprise how simple it truly is to make our hearts smile. Sure, many women love luxuries. We love glam, we love getting spoiled and we love feeling like queens! But there's nothing that we love more than seeing the man we adore, show his affection through genuine and thoughtful effort. A man that will put his girl on a pedestal and show the world how proud he is to have her. A man that will loves in bold ways, never taking the easy way out. Never putting her less than 1st place, and making every woman envious of the love he blesses her with. A guy that will explore creative ways to show his love for that special girl. Us girls melt into a puddle of love when we see our man put effort into pleasing us. A fella like that, will have a very satisfied woman willing to please him back in every way possible. And isn't that what every guy wants?

❤ InstaLove ScrapBook ❤

What you'd need:

1. Blank notebook (no lines)
2. Instagram or Pictures of the both of you
3. Glue/tape
4. Pen 

This gift is as easy as crolling down your Instagram feed! An InstaLove Scrapbook! A photo album filled with moments between you and your princess.  All you have to do is scroll through your Instagram (or hers) and put aside all the photos of the two of you together. It doesn't always have to be pictures of you two. It can also be pictures of places you both went to, food you've cooked together, screenshots of your text messages, anything that involves the love between the two of you. Once you've saved all of the images you'd like to use, print them out in 4x4 dimensions. I suggest printing 10+ pictures. Cut the pictures out and paste them onto a blank notebook. A cute touch would be writing your own caption under each picture... maybe a caption embracing the moment in the picture. Your girl is sure to give you and your thoughtful scrapbook over 1,000 likes!

❤ The LoveJar 

What you'll need:

1. Empty Glass Jar
2. Cute things to fill the jar with (love letters, pictures, candy, cookies, quotes, poems, makeup, movie tickets, jewelry, compliments, glitter, pink or red ribbon, memorabilia, scented candles, etc etc etc

This nifty gifty will be super fun to make and is sure to make your girl melt! The LoveJar. Better than opening a jar of Nutella, this jar is filled with love for your queen. Think of the jar as your heart, and everything in it what your lady makes you feel! Easier than making an InstaLove Scrapbook, you begin your crafting with a clear empty glass jar. The bigger the better. You can use an old jar of jelly or pick one up at an arts and crafts store! You can also find a nice jar at your local supermarket, empty the contents and use it to make your girl's LoveJar. 

After you've found the perfect jar, fill it up with everything lovey dovey you can think of! Candy, love letters, quotes, glitter, toys, old movie tickets, anything that describes the love between the two of you. you can cut slips of red construction paper and write down 1 thing you love about her on each slip. Your girl will love to read each slip, and I'm sure she'll kiss you after each one! Once your done filling up your jar with love, twist the top back on. BE CREATIVE! Tie a red ribbon around the lid, or make a cute label to stick around the jar. Very affordable and easy to make but guaranteed to make her smile. She'll absolutely LOVE it!

❤ LifeBooker 

What you'll need:

1. Lifebooker account
2. Basic knowledge of female pampering
3. Bank Card

Women absolutely LOVE getting pampered! From hair to nails to skin to massages, we love it all! One of my favorite websites to get all of these goodies (and more) is Lifebooker.com. Lifebooker has everything a girl needs to look and feel her best. All things beauty! And the best thing is, they offer tons of great deals on all services from pedicures to microdermabrasions! Book your girl a few of these services and she'll be glowing! This is a great deal for the both of you, easy on your pocket and a chance for her to get glammed up for her prince charming. Check out Lifebooker Loot on tons of beauty, health, fitness, and lifestyle deals... and make sure to grab a few for your princess!

  For your special Fella! ❤ 

Ladies! Time to brainstorm a few gift ideas for that hunk in your life! That fella that sweeps you off your feet, covers you in goosebumps, and has you thinking about him day and nightt! His smile, his style, his charm, and just everything about him drives you madly in love. This Valentine's, show your beau a pleasant day with some cute little treats from you to him. Make him feel like the amazing man he is. Show him he is your one and only, and you'll do whatever it takes to please him in any ways he desires. Men, unlike us ladies, are very easily pleased. But that doesn't mean you should slack on your beau! When it comes to satisfaction, men want their woman to cater to them. They want all of you. They want their basic manly needs fulfilled, with your own personal touch. Figuratively and literally! They don't need anything fancy to make them melt... Just a little bit of creativity and alot of you! Make his dreams come true, and show him just how lucky he is to have such a phenomenal woman such as yourself!

❤ His All-Time Favorites! 

What you'll need:

1. Time
2. Patience
3. Basic knowledge of your beaus favorite things

When men like something, they usually like it forever! They are very loyal to their all-time favorites. So get to know his all-time favorites and indulge in them with him. Look into his favorite foods, hobbies, drinks, movies, activities and build a day filled with them alongside of you. For example, if he's a photographer, pick a place with beautiful scenery where he can photograph his heart away. An artist, grab a canvas and plan a night full of messy painting. A gamer, grab a seat next to him and play some video games with him... you might end up loving it yourself. Don't nag or complain, even if it's something you don't enjoy doing! Be exciting! Show eagerness in his favorites, have an open mind, it's all about him! All his favorites all alongside a bottle of his favorite drink, dinner, and ending it with his favorite desert... you! When he sees you indulging in all of the things he loves, he'll be sure to end the night with a smile!

❤ Rice-Krispies Love Treats! 

What you'll need:

1. A box of Rice Krispies cereal
2. A bag of miniature marshmallows
3. Butter
4. Heart-shaped cookie cutter

Super easy and super sweet, your beau will eat these right up! Rice krispie treats are simple to make and customizable. So you don't need to slave over a hot oven, and they're very fool proof with no baking involved plus minimal ingredients. Also, low-fat so you can indulge in these treats with him! 

Procedure: Melt about half a stick of butter in a pot. Once fully melted, add entire bag of marshmellows and stir until completely melted. On low heat, stir in rice krispies cereal until all of the cereal is evenly coated with marshmellow. Butter up a baking pan and spread marshmellow/krispie mixture onto pan. Let cool for about 20 minutes. Cut into heart with heart-shaped cookie cutter or (if you don't have one) carefully cut heart shapes with a sharp knife. 

And that's it! If you'd like to add a cute accent, add a single mini marshmellow on top of each treat, or some pink frosting for a sweet touch! Your cutie pie will be asking you to make these for him quite often once he's done gobbling them up!

❤ Sexy Shoot Just for Beau 

What you'll need:

1. Lingerie
2. Camera
3. Sex appeal!

Heat things up with a sexy photo shoot, shot for and by your beau! He doesn't need a fancy camera nor pro-photographer skills. A decent camera phone and a few photo effects will work just right. Grab your sexiest lingerie, brush on some smokey eye, bright red lips, messy hair, and throw on your highest heels. You don't need to be Kate Moss to strike a super hot pose, just focus on your gorgeous man and how sexy he makes you feel. Tell him to talk sexy to you to help you get your poses right... but it's really just to set the mood! Experiment with different scenery such a bedroom, bathroom, and maybe kitchen! Have fun, be sexy, and be playful. Your lover won't want to put his camera down, catching every angle of his gorgeous model. It doesn't need to be perfect. It's all about the sexy chemistry you both will cook up, role playing as photographer and model! The sexy photo shoot is bound to lead to more good lovin!

Hope my V-Day ideas helped!

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Valentine's Day is a day for LOVE! Not really about gifts or extravagance. It's a day (and night) to shower your lover with hugs, kisses, and the beautiful experience that it is to love and feel loved. If you've been blessed with love in your life, hold onto it! Don't let go of that feeling! People go through life looking for that warmth... embrace it and never make it 2nd best. You never know what could happen... all you have is today and this moment. Cherish your love with all your might, and love will give right back!

 ❤ Happy Valentine's Day! ❤



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I love the sexy shoot def worth a try! thanks <3

S.S.S said...

@Anon Awesome! Hope you have a very sexy Valentines <3