New Layout: MonoWild v.11

Hello loves!

I've cooked up yet another look for my baby SSS blog! As the seasons change, so do my inspirations. I usually change my blog's look every 4 months or so. Inspired by the current atmosphere, I'll let my creativity manifest itself onto the look of my blog. The aesthetics of my site are VERY important to me, as I tend to be a perfectionist about it. I call my new look, MonoWild, a clean fusion of wild and monochrome.

Inspired by refreshing amplitude, I tried my best to maintain a convenient simplicity throughout my blog by  monochromatic and neutral tones, while keeping the interest with a touch of wild, tiger stripes. And last but not least, a hint of oxblood, a current obsession of mine.

The header image is a candid of me, photographed by my beau and edited by me. The entire layout, coding, photography (in blog posts) and graphics all throughout the site are all done by me. More info on the layout can be found to the right, on my "LAYOUT" sidebar.

Any inquiries, please feel free to contact me!

What do you guys think of my new look?



Suma said...

As always, I love! I admire people who can a change their inspiration every now & then. Inspiration is everywhere- xo

S.S.S said...

Thank you doll! Happy you liked :)