MAC Presents "Archie's Girls"

If you've followed my blog long enough, or if you know me at all, you'll know about my obsession with Archie Comics. I nearly fell out of my seat when MAC Cosmetics announced their upcoming collaboration with Archie's Comics, releasing in 2013, a few months back.

Well, the day has arrived and the collection will be unleashed tomorrow January 30th, online! I am beyond excited for this collection! Having grown up reading Archie comics cover to cover, I've collected Archies throughout the years and have piled up quite a lot of Archie goodies! This collection will be a great addition to my Archie madness, although my wallet will have to forgive me! 

Check out the MAC Archie's Girls collection!

Veronica is my favorite Archie girl, and her collection looks amazing!

Here are my faves from the upcoming collection!


The collection will be available online January 30th 2013

Available in NYC MAC Stores January 31st 2013

All other locations release February 7th 2013 to April 4th 2013

Can't wait to show you guys my MAC x Archie haul!



Anonymous said...

Omg that looks sooo cute you would love it lolol

S.S.S said...


I am beyond thrilled Irene!! :D

Suma said...

I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!! I got the email the other day and almost fell over! Veronica is my fav too- I want everything! Lets go shopping! Lol Xo