help for the hopeless romantic on v-day ♥

ahhh... love is in the air ♥
and valentines day is just around the corner flaunting it's overpowering scent.
a day where old flames rekindle their romance... puppy love bubbles with excitement... 
and lasting lovers light their fire. a day for you and i, a night for us. ♥

if you're one of the lucky lovebirds who have a sweet valentine in mind, you might be in a knot 
trying to figure out the perfect gift. or you might already have a gift idea, but would probably want to try something sweeter than the usual chocolates and flowers.  after all, you'll definitely want to show your beau how impressive you can be, and how impressed you are by them ♥

i'm a total sucker for love, passion, affection and everything else that makes my hopeless-romantic heart skip a beat. so i can be quite a whiz when it comes to catering to ones sweetheart. and being the lovey dovey lady that i am, i'm here to help you sweep your valentine off their pretty feet ♥

*to be quite honest, i am not a huge fan of valentines day.
and i feel it's unfortunate it takes a number on a calendar to get most people to show their appreciation 
towards one another. feb 14th is really just one of the many economy mini-boosts implanted throughout our one-year calendar. outlined for us to un-questioningly follow. but nonethless, i support all things
LOVE.  so even if you're doing it cuz your calendar told you so, at least you're doing it.

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♥ valentines day gift ideas for your gorgeous girl 

many men will complain and say that women are difficult. and i'm not even going to argue that. cuz we definitely are. but what's NOT difficult about a woman, is melting her heart through thoughtfulness.  us women love to feel earned.  we adore a man who's going to earn a woman's heart through genuine effort. seeing this in a man, makes her feel like a queen. it provides the precious comfort of devotion and appreciation.  a real man doesn't take the easy way out with his girl. it's awfully easy to stop by a walgreens, and spend a couple of dollars on chocolates and flowers. if you do that for her, what makes you so diffrent from the other dull dudes out there? doing this just makes your originality nonexistant. a real man is much smarter than this. he instead shows her what a lucky girl she is to have such a grown, wise, and creative fella.  

 homemade dinner.

fellas, to put it quite bluntly, this is the ultimate panty dropper.
treat your girl to a cozy at home dinner made by her favorite chef, you  ;) 9.5 out of 10 girls will melt into a little puddle of lust at the sight of her man whipping up a meal just for her. think about it, WHY go out to a crowded restaurant on vday spend 80 bucks on a rushed meal and not even be able to get a little privacy while dining with your chick? when you can chill at home instead, save $$$ and have all the intimacy you want. you're going to need privacy after you surprise your girl with this aphrodisiac of a gesture <3. she will definitely be in charge of desert i'll tell you THAT much ;)... now i know plenty fellas don't know how to cook. okay no doubt. but i bet they know how to use the internet. google or youtube a simple dinner recipe. and if not, at least make her some desert... pickup some gourmet chocolate, melt it, dip some fresh strawberries and voila! chocolate covered strawberries. sexy. and if you really want to show off, top off the night with her favorite movie. i promise, homegirl will be head over heels. literally and figuratively. you'd be surprised how far some simplicities will take you ;)

flash drive fondness

make her a mixtape. latest generation style... via flash drive. fill up one of these babies with her favorite artists... tv shows... pics of her favorite people/place/things... pics of you lovebirds together... love letters... and maybe, to make things really interesting, a few sexy pics of her man ;) how sexy the pics should be is up to you...! =X. a gift she can load onto her ipod and take with her everywhere... efficient, entertaining, and lasting. inexpensive, fun and easy to make, but best of all... thoughtful.

scrapbook sweethearts

this gift idea is like the flash drive gift, but way better. instead of filling up a flash drive with adoration, fill up a scrap book..!! find a blank paged notebook and let all things warm sweet and loving manifest onto the blank pages. pictures, drawings, letters, movie tickets, song lyrics, stickers, anything meaningful to the both of you. theres no limits as to what you can fill it up with. get creative..!!  fun, inexpensive, and loving <3 she'll def keep this forever. unless you piss her off. but don't do that ;)

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valentines day gift ideas for your gorgeous guy 

i'll be honest, brutally honest... men are very easy creatures to please. specially when it comes to giving them a good time. fellas want simplicity. they prefer the basics to fulfill their basic needs. they don't need anything fancy shmancy to walk away with a smile. and it will be an appreciative smile. men prefer simplicity over extravagancy any day. keep this in mind when looking for a valentines gift for your cutie. save yourself the headache and don't make a mountain out of a molehill. they honestly just want you. all of you. catering to his highness ;) and making him feel like the king he is... cuz after all, every queen needs a king.

sultry masseuse 

ladies, all you need for this delight are your soft feminine hands. and if you want to get fancy, grab a bottle of warming massage oil. after a warm bath, take your fella into pure relaxational bliss and give him the massage of a lifetime. he will be putty in your hands. literally and figuratively. make sure he doesn't even lift a pinky. make sure he just fades into utter calm. while you make it your job to provide soothing relaxation. you don't have to be the masseuse of the year when giving your hunk a mind-blowing rubdown, the skills will come naturally to you. and if you want to show off a bit, youtube some back massage tips. either way, your hard-working honey will be ever so thankful to have such a caring gorgeous masseuse like you ;)

hot ticket

cute, fun, and easy. kind of like a little game. put together a book of "love coupons" with sweet intimate requests on each ticket. your man can redeem his prize throughout your valentines day together, or until they run out. some "requests" can consists of anything from a big, smoochy kiss wherever he wants ;) to letting him pick the next movie you guys watch. pick up a pack of post-its, or construction paper, come up wth a few invitations (be creative/don't be shy), and put together these spicy tickets. stapling them into a little hot ticket book. ;p.  let your boo take the booklet with him on your night out (or in) together to add some sparks, and you follow the instructions on each ticket ;). just make sure he earns each favor by being the sweetheart he is, of course ;)

back-in-the-day beau

just in case you haven't noticed, men never really grow up. what i mean by this is that men hold onto their childhood forever. those precious moments of innocence remain in his heart for the rest of his life. so everytime he is somewhat reminded of the better days, he instantly feels a bolt of happiness. ignite his bliss-filled nostalgia by surpirsing him with one of his favorite childhood inspirations. no matter the age, every guy has that one (or two or three or seven) favorite fictional/cartoon/comic book character. wether it be zombies, transformers, thundercats, spiderman, tmnt, batman, g.i. joe, or even smurfs, every fella has an inner attachment to some kind of character/mentor/hero in their childhood days. and when these heros are brought up to them, they go from full grown men, to sweet wide-eyed baby boys. these actions figures/toys can be found everywhere nowadays. try sticking to the classic toys though, since many of these characters have somewhat changed throughout the years. plus he'll appreciate the "back in the day" version much better. and be quite impressed by his cool gf ;)

hope this helped out any "hopeless" romantics out there.

always keep in mind that the best things in life, are free
and nothing makes ones heart beat faster than solid care and appreciation.

one shouldn't wait for a certain date to appreciate and demonstrate 
ones love towards friends, family, and our beloved soulmates. 

i rhymed ^__^.

happy valentines day to all the lovebirds. ♥

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