DOPEOVERDOSE.COM is a Street Life blog embracing the urban culture and style uprise throughout NYC and abroad. DOPE OD brings you the latest Street Wear fashions, music, technology and even beautiful ladies! Supporting both SSS and Street Wear line RIOTS & ROSES, DOPE OD got to know me in a recent interview. Troy Paraiso, D.O.D's editor in chief asked about my views on Valentine's Day, travel musts, and what's "So Sexy" about SSS!  

Troy Paraiso: Though you don't do much fashion modeling, you do support dope Streetwear brands like, Riots & Roses. What is it about Streetwear that attracts you?
SSS': Theres a lot of character behind Streetwear. Streetwear always has a story to tell along with a bond to the average joe, which happens to dress fresh to death. I love the passion most Streetwear designers pour into their work, while still honoring simplicity. Sometimes, you can even see the beautiful struggle behind a Streetwear brand. Starting from the bottom, and climbing to the top. A journey most of us can relate to.

Troy Paraiso: Tell me, what is it that makes Stephania Arenas, so sexy? Is it your smile, is it your eyes, or is it your seducing manner in your photos?
SSS': All of the above, lol! To be honest, Stephania Arenas isn't the sexy one, it's Stephie that's the one being SoSexy. StephieSoSexy loves to embrace her sexiest feature of all, her confidence. Confidence is the ultimate ingredient in sex appeal. SSS' also believes that self love is what truly brings all the boys to the yard, ;). There's no other belief that SSS' pushes harder.

Check out the rest of my interview with HERE !
Plus a badass pic of yours truly from my RIOTS and ROSES shoot! 

S/O to Troy Dee and Erick!



Troy Paraiso said...

100 X'S, 100 O'S. :)

Troy Paraiso said...

100 X's, 100 O's. :)