SSS Models for Lookbook!

Founded in 2007, began with the simple goal of being a hip-hop message board. Little did the illroots team know, would soon become one of the most credible blog sites in the industry. Honoring rap music, culture, and everything hip-hop, the site has gained millions of views and loyal followers through its solid, knowledgeable, and consistent content. Earlier this year, illroots released their spanking new line illamerica. The news of illamerica had the illroots community and followers super thrilled, followed by well deserved success once released!

Yours truly got to be a part of the illamerica lookbook, quite an honor!

Check out some of the superb merch after the jump!!

Make sure to check out and 

for more on the illroots movement!

S/O to MikeWaxx !! <3


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