SSS x StunnerOfTheMonth x MisterBouncer

Imagine picking up your mail and receiving a pair of super cool, rare, fashion-forward eyeglasses. A brand new pair of stunner shades, every single month. Bringing you a brand new look each time. Well, that's what the superb people at bring to the masses. Based out of California and reaching out globally, StunMo is a monthly sunglasses subscription service. For just $9 a month, StunMo mails you a pair of rare unbranded eyewear,  hand picked by their world wide scouts, who spend day and night searching for the freshest, juiciest eyewear. A stylish idea brainstormed by four friends in San Francisco, the StunMo movement began in 2009 and has taken over with worldwide suscribers. An idea as amazing as StunMo was bound to skyrocket!

Being the style gurus they are, StunMo maintain vibrancy all throughout their headquarters. Linking up with phenomenal mural artist MisterBouncer, they gave their offices a whole new look, bringing to life a breathtaking mural modeled by yours truly SSS. 

I nearly fell out of my chair when MisterBouncer himself contacted me with the news! An immense honor it is to be chosen as the mural's star! An absolute highlight of my year being featured in an extraordinary piece of art, done by an incredibly gifted artist, for such an exceptional company... all the way across the country!

Check out the gorgeous mural by MisterBouncer after the jump!
*Click on pic for higher rez!

Absolutely flawless!!

Here's an awesome timelapse video of the mural coming to life!

Make sure to check out more of MisterBouncer 's work along w the awesome StunMo site!

Check em out on Twitter too!

A HUGE shoutout, thank you, and big hug to everyone involved in the mural!   


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joni1971 said...

Great piece of Art...i love it