Street Art & Sex Hook Up at the MOS!

One of my favorite places has put together three of my favorite things, all under one roof: sex, internet, and street art! Yes, the Museum of Sex does it again, showcasing two spanking new exhibitions:  Universe of Desire and F*CK ART. The installations opened to the public the night of February 8th, and yours truly got to attend the opening reception! I was absolutely thrilled to get a first look at the new exhibitions, along with documenting a sneak peek for my readers! 

Universe of Desire exposes the biggest and dirtiest side of the cyber world. Shedding light upon the sex crazed, fetish Utopia called the Internet and embracing all it beholds. The exhibition reflects how we share our innermost thoughts, fantasies, and desires via electronic screens throughout the world.

F*CK ART is definitely the man of the hour at the MOS. Featuring 20 select artists, street art takes over the third floor, producing a multicolored manifestation of nitty gritty, lusty busty, nothing held back SEX. Not for the faint of heart, F*CK ART exudes the in-your-face attitude the world of graffiti is known for. Mix a bit of lust into that, and you got yourself a party!

Participating artists include AIKO. Andrew H. Shirley, B-rad Izzy, Cassius Fouler. DICKCHICKEN. DROID, GEN 2, OZE 108 of 907, El Celso, Jeremy Novy, JMR, LUSH, Miss Van, MODE 2, Patch Whisky, ROSTARR, RTTP: Nathan Vincent & Bryan Raughton, Tony Bones, William Thomas Porter, WOLFTITS, and Wonderpuss Octopus.

I've been a M.O.S fan and avid visiter for some time now, and I've always fallen in lust with their showcases. But I must admit, these two new exhibitions are the creme of the crop! In my opinion, they're the most interactive installations yet, as well as the most provocative! Definitely a must see!

Check out a sneak peek of these new exhibitions at the Museum of Sex!

*Not safe for work 18+

The night began with guests playing around at Spotlight, the museum's permanent collection.

So fun watching people's reactions to this superb collection!

Always a favorite of mine, David Datuna's "Flower of Life".

Universe of Desire, the sexy side of the cyberworld.

What are YOU into?

As I mentioned before, this installation is very interactive. 
So interactive, that you get to unveil your own fetishes for all to see on this chalkboard!




Patch Whisky

El Celso.

Fell in love with this one.


Tony Bones


Displayed at the window and the first thing you see upon entering the museum, is the phenomenal 14ft "FUCK BIKE" by Andrew H. Shirley & William Thomas Porter. 

Self explanatory ;)

Got the chance to chit-chat with Andrew himself and snap a quick pic. 
He's the one with the purple beanie... He was an absolute sweetheart! 

Apart from the two new exhibitions, The Museum of Sex showcases three more installations you're sure to fall in lust with, along with their aphrodisiac bar "Oral Fix" located in the museum's lower level.

F*CK ART runs until June 10th, 2012
Universe of Desire runs until November 4th, 2012

Make sure to check them both out, they're an absolute must see!
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Anonymous said...

Dope. Must check that out very soon

S.S.S said...

Great! You're sure to have a fun time!!