you+supersale instants = hard earned love.

plz stocking stuff me, jakey <3333

you've done your xmas shopping. everyone got their lovely gifts while you broke your lovely bank account. at times like this, i always feel it's YOU time. you've spoiled your loved ones, now spoil yourself! 'you' is the person you should love the most, anyway. 

most of us are broke as fuck after xmas. yet, you deserve to treat yourself right now more than ever... where's your xmas gift to you from you? where's your new years eve outfit?  you have to be wearing new clothes while entering a new year! and hey, if you're one of the lucky ones, you got a gift card (the smartest gift) for xmas.. put it to good use right now!

working in retail for 4+ years (-______-), i've had the convenience of spotting a rarely occurring  'supersale instant'.  there are sales all year round, but not many 'supersale instant's. a 'supersale instant' is a very short moment in time (instant) when there are HUGE sales going on. like 50+% sales. for like 2-5 days only. this time around, these few days, my dears, we are amidst a 'supersale instant'. proceed with caution. 

you deserve it.

Urban Outfitters is having a 50% off sale items.
thats fucking great.

i'm a HUGE bargain hunter when it comes to urban. 
i cream myself in that shop, yet everything is hella overpriced...!
 my bargain hunter instinct sniffed this out and loved it!! 
sales going on for the next few days and it's an in store only  sale so go go go ASAP!!


ladies!! is having a 50% off sale 
and (i don't know if i could do this but...) 
i included the email promo code that gives you an extra 10% off! 
so thats really 60% off... oh and did i mention free shipping???

asos carries 50+ designer brands, UK based, and is a cute shit haven!!

if you've never shopped at asos, 
finish reading my blog and check out asap!!! ;P


i melt into a little puddle of lust, everytime i check out uggghhhh.

gorgeousssss, sexy, bold, figure fitting, vintage, 
and pin up inspired... motel rocks, rocks my socks. 


hahhah, no but seriously, is you haven't already, check out 
for sexy fitted vintage dresses. and other vintage goods too ^____^
50% off and free shipping to the US!!


 i didn't forget the fellas <3  
jack threads is an 'invite only' online shop...  
where they have 'members only' deals/sales on awesome pricey brands.  
and by 'members only' i don't mean the jackets -______-. 
i'm a member of jackthreads so if you'd like to join  
you can join through me... by clicking here:

also, there's free shipping on orders $50 or more...   
i'd def shop here if i had a penis ^_____^  


 i treated myself to asos and bought  
these lovely stocking stuffers for... myself ;P

   $12.07 now $9.05  

limited edition vintage blusher by bourjois exclusive to ASOS.  
ever since i was 10 and played with my mothers makeup, i have fallen in love with 
this french based line i religiously purchased their bronzers, blushes, mascaras and lipsticks until the brand got discontinued at sephora and became very hard to find. grr. they now have these lovely 
limited edition french/vintage inspired items  that i love!!! since im all french in france 
and stuff right now i had to get one ;P

$15.52 now $10.86

this lovely pocket mirror by Tokyo Milk. 
has a vintage-inspired Tokyo Milk crown image on the back. 
my name means "crowned" in greek origins... so i LOVE all things with a crown/royalty on it ;P
this crown in particular... cuz you know, there's different kinds of crowns and stuff.
oh and it comes in a cute little presentation box. ^_____^

$10.34 now $5.17

Boudoir Chiffon Star Print Tie Side Brief

thought these were hella cute with the pink stars 
print and the big girly bows on the side <33
plus they're sheer. i love sheer ^____^

now that you're done  spoiling others,
go spoil the #1 person that deserves spoilage...
you <3



Krillz said...

Jake stocking "stuff" you??? WOOOOW!

stephiesosexy said...

yea that'd be the perfect stocking stuffer