T.Shirt Releases "Coming Up" Video!

Queens rapper T.Shirt blessed the masses this week with the release of his new video "Coming Up" off his album "The F*ck".  Directed by Ronin of HotMopFilms , "Coming Up" is an ensemble of T.Shirt's effortlessly sick flow, incredible background art (by URNY), sexy ladies, and a heavy dose of New York City demeanors. The track itself is addictive, leaving you wanting more. And the contagiously fun video just adds to the addiction! T.Shirt is an artist you absolutely must check out and you can start by downloading his album HERE along with checking out illrapper.com

Yours truly got to join the fun shooting the video, and definitely had a blast doing so! T.Shirt was an absolute charmer, Ronin was hella sweet, and everyone else was just as awesome! Make sure to check out the video posted above (keep an eye out for my cameo!) and peep some behind-the-scenes shots after the jump!

Hella fun!


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