SSS x Faces & Names!

Photographer and superbly creative individual, David Zayas Jr. has masterminded a new photographic project called "Faces and Names".  Consisting of a set of 9 pictures, each one a peek at the subjects personality through various gestures, the middle picture covering the subject's face with a meaningful item. A concept so simple yet inevitably captivating, David has had tons of great feedback and eager participants. With over 200 muses, David's series has taken off with great popularity and is sure to skyrocket once exhibited. Yours truly had the pleasure of joining the fun with my own expressions!

After checking out the series, I was absolutely thrilled when David himself contacted me about shooting. All he asked for was a creative "centerpiece", which I had a bit of a hard time choosing. In the end I chose my girly golden name plate, "Steph" in script. So me. Shooting with David was so pleasant! Charismatic and comfortable, David helped me out when I ran out of expressions, directing and bringing out naturally amused shots. I was surprised at how quick and little he photographed, while still producing some super awesome shots! That is absolute talent!

Above is my "Faces and Names" shots... 
And check out some of my favorites after the jump!











These are just some of my faves, there are SO many good ones!!!

Check out the awesome series on David's Facebook HERE


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