Peek-a-Boo! I've Missed You!

Oh how I've missed my baby! I've neglected you for far too long...! 
An immense apology is owed! Along with an explanation! No worries, I have both!

But before I jump into all of that, I want to thank anyone and everyone who still checked into SSS blog for updates <3 Also, anyone who inquired about my absence. You guys have no idea how awesome that makes a girl feel! February was quite a ridiculous month for me, so your support is highly uplifting! Thank you tons&tons!

So what was to blame for my vacancy? Long story short, a terrible cold/flu/germ that took over my unexpecting immune system and shut me down for a good 2 weeks. And as I've mentioned before, I stay far away from my computer when I'm ill. I was doing pretty bad folks, rushed into the ER and everything. But thank goodness I am SO much better now! I was sickly handcuffed to my bed for days, causing me to be hella backed up on everything else in my life! Once I got better, I jolted up and began catching up on gig$. Responsibilities first, of course! And due to my lack of energy and life, my living space had piled up into a complete mess, calling for a habitat renovation! I can't function unless my surroundings are immaculate, so that itself took some time. And in between all of that, I still had to attend different events (shows, fashion week, valentines day dinners, shoot & video gigs, etc). And even though I still managed to attend and cover different happenings, I still missed out on many others!

So now it's a new month and I have taken care of 75% of everything that I had neglected. Thus leading me back to my baby! I owe you TONS of updates in which I will have posted for you within the next hours-days. I have plenty of content that  I've been unable to publish due to all of the above. 

I hope you guys understand my absence due to my hectic month of February, and still believe in your girl SSS! A massive SSS update is due and about to hit your screen in a few, so stay tuned!!


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Mrz. Highlife said...

Youre back! I love catching up with your posts when I'm at work and it's a slow day.