Mani Monday!

Hello my lovelies!
I welcome you all to this weeks Mani Monday session!

Three brand new manis await you after the jump.. 
including a classic french, a funky tribal, and even a wild cheetah!


Lets get this mani party started with the classic french manicure!

I haven't done one of these in ages! I usually sport a nude or a red when I want to keep it classic. But this week I frenched up my tips. If you've kept up with my manis, you'll notice my nails have taken a different shape over time. I have been filing my nails into the very hot and trendy stiletto nail! I absolutely LOVE sporting this new kitty-cat shape!

What do you guys think???


Clear base coat // SinfulColors "SnowMeWhite"

My second tribal attempt! Much better than must first I must say!! Which you can see HERE

Notice the pink to white gradient! Thought it would add a nice touch!

Done completely by freehand using toothpicks and nail art brushes. 
I was thinking of doing all of my tips tribal but decided to save that for next time.


China Glaze "Refresh Mint" // Rimmel "Black Satin" // Forever21 "Coral"

Toothpick // Nail Art Brush


Oh how I LOVE cheetah print manis!

Haven't done an all-out cheetah print in some time... So I got the cheetah itch and reached for my hot turquoise polish! Added a hint of gold and VOILA! The wild has been embraced!

Check out my cheetah tutorial along with a few of my cheetah manis HERE !


China Glaze "Turned Up Turquoise" // Rimmel "Black Satin" // ColorClub "Gingerbread"


Dotting Tools


Miss Cindia* said...

pretty nails and colors : )

S.S.S said...

Thank you so much! Lovely feedback ^_^