Mani Monday!

The legendary Lucille Ball turned 100 this week. 
I grew up watching her hit series "I Love Lucy" and to this day honor 
the phenomenal actress for her talent, courage, and charisma.

I dedicated this weeks Mani Monday to one of the most revolutionary women in history :)

I also included a VIDEO TUTORIAL this week! Fulfilling requests, I finally managed to put together a little how-to nail design. My last one was the water marbling tutorial, which to this day gets great feedback. So I hope you ladies enjoy this one just as well!!

I was inspired by the "I Love Lucy" Season 1 DVD set. I absolutely loved the pink pinstripes, a great pattern describing feminine Lucy's adorable character! I then added the classic "I Love Lucy" heart with Lucy's name inside <3

The pinstripes are very subtle but they inspired me to try more pinstripe designs in various colors :)

Long live the queen of comedy!


Polishes: Brucci's "French Petal" // Revlons "Temptress" // Sinful Color's "Ruby Ruby"

Tools: Tape // Dotting Tool


My cheetah print manis are always a favorite. So I decided for my next video tutorial, I'd show you ladies how I do my cheetah prints! In the video, I take you step by step on how to accomplish these easy, cute, and fun feline spots!


1. Dotting tool or simply a toothpick.

2. Polishes: Colorful polish of your choice, black, and a top coat.

3. Cotton ball soaked in nail polish remover.

4. Card or a hard surfaced paper.

*Please excuse my drifting off and the untidiness around my nails >___<

Polishes: WetnWild "Buffy the Violet Slayer"// SinfulColors "Snow Me White"// Rimmel "Black Satin"

Tools: Dotting Tool

Check out some more cheetah prints I've done:

Any comments questions and/or requests please feel free to contact me!

Hope you enjoyed my tutorial! 



nicoleseckeler said...

That video was so helpful and i can't wait to try it out. Where can I get the topcoat and matte Nail polish you use. These gel manicures are nice and they don't chip but there's not many options with it. Will the top coat you use make my manicure last longer. ? Thank you!! And love your work!!

stephiesosexy said...

Thank you so much!!! You can find the topcoat at almost every pharamacy (walgreens cvs rite aid) i usually get them there its a MUST!! same thing with Essie's Matte About You. Also a must, but a little harder to find!

Seche Vite doesnt even feel like nail polish. I'm telling you this top coat is like liquidized glass. It dries hella fast and even if you try to chip it yourself, its VERY hard near impossible to. the only top coat I use and i've already gone through 5+ bottles ^__^

try checking out some beauty supply stores.