Mani Monday!

Hey dolls! It's SSS checking in with a weekly Mani Monday!

This week I feature 2 new manis and a video tutorial on cuticle care!!

Enjoy <3

Now, I know last week I promised an awesome gradient series due to FashionWeek. But unfortunately, due to all the FashionWeek havoc I was going through, I broke all my nails and had to file them back down to nubs! SADNESSS!!! And I skipped the gradient series because I feel gradients look way better on long nails rather than short nails! But the series is still on hold!

So with my baby nubs, I decided to experiment with a tribal design. Although quite honestly, I'm not crazy about how it came out :(

Gave it my best shot but it was my first time and I still need some practice!!
Will perfect!

SinfulColors "Snow Me White" // FingerPaints "Louvre This Pink" // SinfulColors "Innocent" // OPI Nicole "My Lifesaver" // SinfulColors "Unicorn" // Rimmel "Black Satin"

Freehand Nail Art Brushes

SinfulColors "Snow Me White" // China Glaze "Turned Up Turquoise"


I recently got asked about my cuticle care. 
So here's a 5 min video on the products I use on my cuticles :)

Hope it helps!

Cuticle Clipper - Sephora

Cuticle Away - Rite Aid

Cuticle Oil - Beauty Supply

Find "Cuticle Away" on

Hit me up with some requests!
Hope you enjoyed <3


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