SSS x SantaBaby!

Joy to the world! And all that jazz! 

Its that time of the year where we all throw on our Santa caps and make sure we are on our best behavior! The time of the year where we become gift wrapping connoisseurs, xmas decor aficionados, and hot cocoa scavengers. What a cozy time of the year it is <3

And as for yours truly, I've been an awful good girl this year... as well as every other year! 
Although my halo shines hella bright, I can't deny my naughty side... trust me, every girl has one! Here's a look at MY naughty side... XXX-mas style! But I'm not the only one on the bad list... Santa's on there too... and he's run away with his mistress... 

Yours truly... Mistress Clause ;) 

All styling by yours truly.

Thanks to Mrs.Guzman for giving Santa and I a kick ass shoot!

Love you!!!

Happy Holidays everyone! 



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Anonymous said...

I know what i want for christmas............ You missy but im too far away