Mini Tour of the SSS Lair!

To those whose curiosity extends beyond limits and wonder what the SSS lair may look like, 
you're in luck.

I am a huge believer of feng shui, and have decided to welcome the new year with a new surrounding. I have been doing some remodeling around my house, a lengthy task that I enjoy doing very much! Kind of the reason behind my time-out from blogging. Amidst my re-organizing I decided to take a few snapshots of my work in progress, and details that surround my life at home. Since it's a sneak peek, I won't go into details nor lengthy picture captions. So let your imagination run wild if you must ;)

Nail Polish.

Nail Laquer.

Nail Varnish.

Nail Paints.

Nail Art.





Must have.


Prized possession.

Right Click.

Photo Booth.


My Heart.



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emmpowr said...

thats me on that mirror