Tee.Kay.Elle Xmas goodies!

Nothing makes me giddier than goodies in the mail!
But better than that, are goodies in the mail from one of my favorite girls! For the holidays, fellow blogger, model, fine artist and good friend Tee.Kay.Elle sent out X-Mas goodies cards complete with beautiful stickers. And finding one of these in my mail this weekend, definitely made my day! 

Check out the Xmas treat after the cut! 
And please, try not to get too jealous ;p

She made it out to "StephieSoSexy" lol TOOOOOO CUTE!

So sweet!

Out pop Tee.Kay.Elle signature stickers!!

Such a sweetheart!!

Gorgeously done, like the artist herself!


First card on my Christmas tree!

I absolutely loved it!
Thanks Tanya!!!

Check out more of Tee.Kay.Elle's work at TeeKayElle.com !


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