Holiday Mani Monday!

Happy Holidays all!!

Mani Monday's back in a very Merry Christmassy mood! 
Thus begins my Holiday Mani  MondaySeries!

Where I will be showcasing new xmas inspired manis designed throughout the week.
Beginning with a Snow Tree Mani and a Shimmery Icicles Mani!

Check it!

Oo0o0o0o0oh... Shimmery!

Check out my Golddiggin Mani!!

I know it's quite an unusual name, but its very fitting lol 

With this mani on, it looks like I've been digging for gold, in a literal sense of course!
 Unlike a golddigger though, I truly fell in love! I have been wanting to try out a new gradient mani, but haven't had my nails long enough to do so. They've gotten long enough now to not only do gradients but more intricate fun designs as well!

This mani got alot of love! A great New Years eve idea!

Rimmel "French Rose" // OPI "Glitzerland
Jesse Girl "Fools Gold" // KleanColors "Golden Tiara"


Shimmery Icicle Mani!!

Got inspired by the beautiful sparkling icicles made during the chilly winter days. A very easy mani done with tape, Took me about 10 minutes! It looks harder than it is. I also love how I was able to use baby blue for this mani, being that I don't use blue too often.

Essie "Borrowed and Blue" // WetnWild "French White Creme"// WetnWild "Kaleidoscope



Snow Tree Mani!

This mani came out sooo cute, and I didn't even think it would honestly. I have been wanting to do something with an xmas tree but not the average green and red. I am not too into multi-colored manis. I usually keep it under 3 shades, I feel it makes the mani more outfit compatible.

Using tape, I made a little xmas tree stencil for my ring finger, and using a dotting tool I made a snowman for my thumb. Finished it off with sponging on some gradient snow on the tips! Little accents included shimmer on the snowed tips, glitter on the tree for lights, and a star polish as a tree topper on the tiny xmas tree!

This mani got tons of great feedback! Would look lovely with a one-toned dress this xmas!


Orly "Star Spangled" // WetnWild "French White Creme
WetnWild "Kaleidoscope"// KleanColors "SilverStar"


Tape // Sponge

Hope you enjoyed!
Till next Mani!


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