Holiday Mani Monday!

Happy Holidays!

Holiday Mani Monday wraps up this week with two new holiday manis!

A sweet design right at my fingertips, along with a glitzy glam new years eve idea!


With all this Christmas maddness, New Years Eve needs some love too!

Here's a glitzy glam mani I cooked up this week, while thinking of a NYE look.


Firstly, please disregard the slight red around my nails. Previous to doing this mani, I was sporting a very bright red polish which ended up being very hard to remove and stained my little finger tips ;(

Anywhoo back to the mani!
A matted holographic gold, accented with glossy black tips. Very patent-leatheresque! I snagged a gorgeous holo gold this week, a gold that had tiny little colorful specks... looks beautiful both glossy and matted. The reason I matted the gold holo on this mani was so the tiny colorful specks can be seen easier. Plus the glossy black tips made the whole design look hella GLAM!

Might just have to do this one for NYE!


ColorClub "Gingerbread" // Rimmel "Black Satin" // Essie "Matte About You"


Reinforcement Labels


Candy Cane Mani!

This candy cane mani was dangerously similar to the real thing!

A classic holiday pattern, candy cane is a must-do in Xmas nail art. 
Very easy to do, using strips of tape as stencils. Cute, easy, and yet still very eye-catching!


WetnWild "French White Creme" // MatteseElite "Jelly n Jam"



Till next mani!


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