New Layout! Polar Pucker v.8

Bonjour Mi Amores!!!!

It's your girl SSS checking in after a very LONG and dragging hiatus! Did you miss me???
Well SSS is back in full effect!! Bringing alongside of me a spanking new LOOK on SSS blog
Just in case you haven't noticed, I dolled up my baby in some sweet winter apparel. A big difference from the bikini lovin' I had on all summer. Times are changing and one must dress accordingly!

I have re-vamped my blog's look, and I have also added tons of new user-friendly features! All in honor of my babys 1st years anniversary! Yes, I have had my blog for longer than a year, BUT I only started appreciating it a year ago. Within this past year I have made it to 90k hits! Pretty awesome considering I don't get to update as often as I like! I am EVER SO THANKFUL for my readers!! It flatters me more and more me each day seeing my counter go up, I just don't know what you guys see in me :::tear::: but I damn sure do appreciate it!

Now back to the new layout...

This new layout was both a tuffy and a breeze. It was difficult for me to come up with a humble winter color scheme, without looking too holiday-ish. So I pondered and pondered, until I finally decided on the lovely lavender you see around you. An easy-on-the-eye, pale plum shade, combined with both beige and teal accents. The beige definitely adds to the warm causality, and the teal adds just the right amount of POW! I had been looking for. Figuring out what header image to use was also difficult. I wanted to stay away from anything summery of course, and yet being such a summer girl it is very hard to do such a thing! I wanted an image that will be calm enough for the winter season, but still flaunting my personality with a touch of sex appeal. Whille scrolling through my modeling/regular pics, I stumbled upon the pucker pic you see up there.  No photographer shot that image, I shot it myself! I recently gave myself a mini photoshoot after doing some makeup modeling for Make Up For Ever. You can check that post out HERE. I feel the image suits the feel of the layout just fine!  While still embracing a touch of flirty sex appeal that SSS (my alter ego) loves to flaunt! =p Once I had my theme together, assembling it all has been a breeze! Everything is just falling into place just fine and I am feeling very confident in my growing design skills. Just in case you didn't now, EVERYTHING is done by me. Coding, graphics, theme, photography, etc unless otherwise stated. But the BEST part of my new look is the AWESOME navigation bar you see up there. Highlighted in that pretty teal, you'll find a menu containing 10 links. 

Blog | S.S.S | Muse | Projects | Events/Exhibitions | Style | Beauty | CollabSupport | Contact

A very healthy navigation bar, something my blog has lacked in quite some time now! I have made sure to provide a full 360 degree view into SSS and SSS blog using the navi. links. My blog posts can only provide so much information at a time, and going through archives can be such a drag! So I have organized a list of categories, and have provided links to posts within each category. Along with a new look into SSS through pages such as "Style" and "Collabs". Two topics I rarely touch upon, now emphasized! I have also made picture viewing much easier, providing a user-frindly gallery rather than a pop-up, when clicking on an image!

The bad news is not all of the pages are ready yet.
But the good news is 4 links are!

Muse, Projects, Events/Exhibitions, and Style pages are up and running!
And you can begin a tour of the new SSS blog by checking those pages out! 
The rest of the pages will be finished very soon and I will announce them once they are complete!

I hope you guys enjoy the new look, I sure do! 
I haven't felt this confident about a design in a while :)
As a self-taught web designer, I am a very critical perfectionist when it come to this!
I would GREATLY appreciate any questions and/or comments!!
They can be good and they can be bad! 
Both are just fine ^__^


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