Mani Monday!


Mani Monday has just invaded your screen!!!

And I hope you gals are ready for the three new mani's I've cooked up this week!

Including one intricately done mani, and two simple manis to balance things out!

Check it out lovelies!

Picked up this gorgeous new shade the other day. My camera wasn't too good at capturing its true shade, but trust me it is absolutely lovely! A very warm, autumn shade. Compleimenting ones fall outfits quite well! And for $2 at your local pharmacy, you simple can't go wrong!

I was going to leave my mani a basic matte. 
But I couldn't resist and gave into a glossy french mani! 


NYC "Battery Park" // Essie "Matte About You"


Fell MADLY IN LOVE with this glitter laquer! 

Stumbled upon it at my local beauty supply in Queens. I nearly fell when I picked it up and saw these colorful twinkling lights looking back at me... resembling a mystical galaxy trapped in a tiny little bottle!

I am not big on glitters, but this shade absolutely stole my heart!

I didn't even need a design to be content with my mani. 
The beautiful sparkles against the onyx black did just fine!

Look at the glittery rainbow sparkles!!

The colors change in the light... this picture does it absolutely no justice!

Such a rarity finding a colorfully vibrant black glitter!


Soo Nails "Black Knight"

Girl POWer....!!!!

This mani got tons of great feedback. It definitely has a lot of spunk to it! I had been trying to master this POWPOW design for quite some time now. And have finally figured out the secret to conquering it!

This design is simply done with tape. the trick is to let your nails COMPLETELY dry before applying any kind of tape. I mean like wait a day or two before you start stickin tape on. I let my basic pink mani rock out for a day then I pick up the tape and started stenciling.

No mess, no residue, no peeling! Absolutely crisp results! And I cannot wait to do a second one!

Wanted to give you gals an example of a very cute nail/lipstick combination I had on this week while flaunting my POWPOW mani. Coordinating your lipstick with your mani can spice up even the most basic look! And it's so easy to do! It's all about details!


Jesse's Girl "Wild Thing" // Rimmel "Black Satin" // Milani Holo "HD"




MAC "Lickable"

Hope you gals enjoyed!

Enjoy questions/comments are greatly appreciated!


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dan Andrea said...

absolutely love it! You're always doing something creative its giving me ideas :) I seen another post with your nails looking gradient, yeah I'm going to try and master that now.