Makeup Embracing Your Natural Beauty!

Hey lovelies! It's your girl SSS checking in <3 

Now, you guys know how much I LOVE and support all things natural. Natural hair, natural nails, natural everything <3 But that does not mean I stay away from what can be considered one of girls best friends... MAKEUP!! Yup, theres no denying that us girls love makeup. We love to get dolled up, try new looks, and explore all kinds of products and shades! It's in our DNA!

Being a beauty model, most of my photoshoots consists of modeling with makeup. I always look forward to working with skilled makeup artists, anticipating what look I'll have on next! But what I love the most, is working with makeup that lets your own natural beauty shine through, rather than covering it with extravagance. Makeup that embraces your own unique beauty composed of your own unique complexion, bone structure, and facial features. I feel a makeup artist that can accent your natural looks rather than drastically changing them, is a talented artist.

For the past few days I have been booked by Make Up For Ever as a demonstration model. I've worked with them a few times before, starting with their 2008 HD foundation campaign showcased in Sephora. I LOVE Make Up For Ever! A fantastic makeup company and one of the top ones if you ask me! Most makeup artists agree.  And the Make Up For Ever team in NY is just fantastic to work with! Incredibly skilled makeup geniuses! 

I have been modeling nude makeup for Makeup Up For Ever... and have been hella jubilant with every look they're painted on me. Being that every application has embraced ones natural beauty rather than hiding it behind over-the-top looks. Utilizing peachy, nude shades and contour techniques that flaunt what you were born with, rather than altering your features with dramatic colorful illusions. Those are fun to do too, but I just love natural looks. So I ran home one day with my amazing makeup still on and took a few pics to share with you guys! Showing you what to me is lovely natural beauty makeup.

Embracing naturally, I let my natural curly hair go crazy in these pics too =p So bear with me lol

Check it!

All of the products used were of course Make Up Forever by their own makeup artists. Their HD line being utilized the most. Great products!

So all in all, I love all things natural. 
But I love embracing ones own beauty without losing/hiding ones own natural features, even more! 

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