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Hello lovelies! It's SSS checking in!

 I must explain my blogging hiatus to my loyal readers. If you follow SSS on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook you already know what's been keeping me SO M.I.A. I've caught a serious case of FASHION WEEK FRENZYYY!! It's that time again in NYC where a fashion fever has plagued the city! And yours truly is amidst those contagious! 

For those of you who don't know, I write for Hellion Magazine, a superb source for social events, music, movements, fashion, and trends. Working with Hellion Magazine, I have been covering the Spring/Summer 2012 fashion shows at the Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek. I have 1+ shows a day, everyday. I've been a fashionable bunny rabbit hopping from show to show, runway to runway, designer to designer, and backstage to backstage!

So far, it has been a remarkable experience! Apart from attending stunning fashion shows, I've also met so many incredible people and have gotten the chance to interview groundbreaking designers! I then gather all my info and compose coverage on for all to see! I've had 2 FANTASTIC photographers/assistants alternating at my side at every show helping me keep my sanity :)

Everyday it's a new fashion adventure! Keeping me as busy as a bee, if not BUSIER! 
So my poor baby ( has gotten neglected ;( But no worries! 
Here I am with a glimpse of my vogue-ish ventures!

Check it out!

Fashion week is only halfway done, so if you want to see what more adventures I'll get into, follow me on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook

And make sure to check out for your NYFW fix!!


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