Mani Monday!

Hello DOLLS! 

Welcome to this weeks Mani Monday! 
Showcasing a brand new mani technique I just fell in love with... GRADIENT!!! 

But the BEST part about this week's Mani Monday is my fantastic FEATURED GUEST...!!!
This week you will meet my awesome Mani Monday guest Kimberly, and her beautiful designs!!


Last week I told you ladies how much I LOVED the new gradient technique I've been trying. So I went all out and decided to start a GRADIENT MANI SERIES in celebration of FASHION WEEK!!

This mani being the first one of the series! :)

I love love love LOVE nudes! Not the pics, the polishes! I felt this nude and black combo went SO well together, and a great start to my very busy fashion week! It goes with EVERYTHING! The gradient begins with a soft nude and ends in a punk rock glitter black!! Two ends of the spectrum!!!

I have been awfully busy with Fashion Week (as you can read about in THIS POST) and haven't even gotten a chance to really sit and do some manis! So this is the only one I have this last week! But like I said, I'll have a whole gradient series in the works, and a gradient tutorial next week!!


Mani Monday Guest!

Meet Kimberly and her fantastic manis!!!

Kimberly contacted me and made my DAY by telling me my Mani Mondays have grown inspiration in her! She was such a doll, she even shared with me her lovely designs! I was sooooo impressed with them, I JUST HAD TO share them with you guys!

Love the tiger/french combo! 

Such healthy, strong, natural nails I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Awww! So chic, girly, and classic!!! Very pretty I'd love to give this a try!!

My fave!!!! The choice of colors for this WILD design is simply perfect!

Kim, you're a sweetheart and a GREAT inspirational nail artist! Thank you SO MUCH for your wonderful feedback and for sharing with us your great designs! <3

So even though I only had one mani to share this week, Kimberly saved the day and shared hers! 

Thanks Kim!

If any other ladies want to be a featured Mani Monday guest, shoot me a line at 

Till next mani!


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