GoodWoodNYC x Archie Comics!

As the HUGE Archie comics enthusiast that I am, I FLIPPED once I found out Good Wood released an Archie line today! I absolutely love when two of my faves mesh together <3 And GoodWoodNYC x Archie Comics is an absolute dream come true! 

GoodWoodNYC is a Brooklyn based accessory line. What makes GoodWoodNYC so original is their strive for utmost value within each piece. Hand sanding, painting and assembling each piece with extreme attention to detail and quality.  GoodWoodNYC collaborations include Famous Star and Straps, Nike 6.0, DC shoes, Supply Circuit, and Mishka. Plenty of tastemakers such as Snoop Dogg, Nas, and Mos Def have been known to accessorize with GoodWood.

Checking out their spankin new Archie Comics collection, I nearly fell out of my chair in  uttermost AWWEEEEE-MAZMENT!!!

Here's a few of my absolute FAVES!!!


Since we are on the subject, 
here's a few shots of yours truly indulging in wholesome Archie goodness!

Yours truly meeting the phenomenal Dan Parent at last years Comic con!!!

Here's Archie after he left both Betty and Veronica for me <3

A few prized possessions:

Custom Veronica as Wonderwoman piece. This is when Veronica and I met <3

My first Dan Parent custom!!!!

A few of my autographed Veronica gems! :)

As you can tell, Veronica is my favorite!!

MERELY the tip of the iceberg!

Check out the entire Archie Comics GoddWoodNYC line HERE !!!

Beautiful work GoodWoodNYC...!!!!

Thank you @BxAMS <3


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