Mani Monday!

Hey guys! Welcome to this weeks Mani Monday! 

Showcasing three brand new bright and bold manis :)


This mani got tons of great feedback. I had tried to do it a while back and it was a complete and epic fail. After practicing a couple times, I managed to somewhat get it perfected ^__^ The trick was to paint my nails and let them COMPLETELY dry (like let a whole day pass) and THEN apply the strips of tape and do the stripes :) Very much well worth it :)

Polishes: Sinful Colors "Dream On" // SooNails "First and First"

Tools: Tape

Loved this soft teal french I had on throughout the week. I started with an OPI pastel shade and did bright turquoise french tips. Very subtle yet eye catching :)

Decided on photographing this mani with natural light rather than flash. It really brought out the teal shade quite lovely :)

Polishes: OPI Nicole "My Lifesaver" // China Glaze "Turned Up Turquoise"

Tools: Tape

I call this one Patchy Tropicana!

I love bringing out my summer glow with great polish shades. And these three colors are essential in doing so! The yellow is very bold by itself, but the patchwork design adds an extra POW!!

Polishes: China Glaze "Turned Up Turquoise" // WetnWild "The Wonder Yellows" // Sinful Colors "Dream On"

Tools: Tape

Hope you enjoyed!


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