Scope NYC 2013 & the MLB FanCave!

Scope is one of the premier showcases for International emerging contemporary art and multi-disciplinary creative programming. Scope is known for presenting the most innovative galleries, artists, and curators. From March 6th to March 10th, Scope came to town and brought life to the NYC Art scene. Yours truly had the wonderful opportunity to document the phenomenal works of art that Scope exhibits. Everywhere you looked, you were stunned by beautiful masterpieces, all effortfully put together by new and established dynamic artists.

Check out some of my favorite pieces from the art show!

Very excited!

Art enthusiast!

VIP Passes!

Very Thankful S/O to Ciro!

"Lady 5"
Attasit Pokpong

"Lineus D'or"

Willy Verginer

"Culture Jam Supermaket"

Ron English

"L. Frued"

Check out this video I took of Alessandro Brighetti's AMAZING piece "Schizophrenia"


Jessica Lichenstein


Jessica Lichenstein


Peter Demetz

"The Weather is Changing"

Peter Demetz

Pedro Friedeberg

Michelle Elemore

David Zalben


Qin Welhong


Kim Anderson


David Allan Peters

"Beautiful People"

Clay Sinclair

"Visual Echo Experience"

Chul Hyun Ahn 

"Railroad Nostalgia"

Chul Hyun Ahn 


Russel West

"Self Portrait as Spiderman"

Andrew Wodzianski 



"Unholy War"

Maria Rubinke 


Simone Kesselman



"Out of Stock"

Eugenio Merino

"Bleeding Mondrian"

Desire Obtain Cherish

"Sun No.2"

Norman Mooney

"Street Allegory"


"The Vanishing Points"

Andrea Stanislav

After the art overdose, we headed joined our friends at the MLB FanCave by Soho!

I love this place!

Cozy, loungy and filled with tons of activities...!

Everything from cocktails, to photobooths, to billiards, to ping pong and more!

My beau and I definitely took advantage of the photo booth!

My great friend Antoine and I!  

I have so much love for him, he's like my big brother!

Happy gal!

Scope is an amazing experience, especially to art lovers all around. 
Being around so much inspirational work is such a breath of fresh air, and even therapeutic! 

Check out 
for more info!

And when Scope is not in town, you can always go gallery hopping at some of NYC's beautiful exhibitions around town! You'd be surprised the inspirations you'll end up with!

Big shout out to my beau Ricardo for the AMAZNG photographs!

Follow him at @TheAmPmLife on twitter and IG!

Hope you enjoyed!


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