upcoming makeover...

One of my precious little trouble makers.

Hello my lovely readers! Your trusty blogger has been on a very neglectful hiatus. 
There is reason for this, of course! Apart from being hella busy with everyday life and my new grandkids (my new PUPPIES!!! in which i will share with you all),  I have been giving my baby (aka stephiesosexy.blogspot.com) a whopping makeover. She's getting her hair done, nails done, errthang did..!! You will soon see a WHOLE new, VERY active SSS blog... around the time I hit 50k views. In which at this moment, I am a mere 12 hits shy from. ;)

50,000 views in about 8 months. 
I was overly flattered when i hit 1k so you can only imagine <3 
Any and EVERY curious visiter is H I G H L Y appreciated... <3 <3 oxo!

I'm pretty excited for my new and improved blog. Tons of upcoming stuff... 

So stay tuned loves! <3 <3


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