Mani Monday!

Black and Gold <3

As m.i.a as I have been on my blog (caught up with working on my brand new S.S.S blog coming soon!), I try my best to keep up with my mani mondays <3

This week I was feeling a little fancy with my clean black and gold design..
And later on in the week, switched it up with a funky white crackle design.....

check it!!

I loved this mani sooo much that I kept it on for a good 4 days. And with the help of my Seche Vite top coat, it stood on glossy and chip-free. The Rimmel London Lasting Finish Pro black polish that I used also helped alot! Its supposed to stay on for 10days!! Pretty amazing, even though I know I won't be able to keep the same mani on for 10 days lol I get bored/creative ^__^

Loved how well these two colors go together. 

Looks GREAT with an all black outfit and gold accessories!

Polishes: Rimmel London "Black Satin" // Brucci "Gold Diggin Tess"

Tools: Tape

Went from glam to funky with this colorful crackle combo!

This made a very fun and summery mani. I painted half my nail turquoise and half pink. The topped it off with this great white crackle I was recently given <3. I was a bit skeptical on how nice a white crackle would look... being that I'm not a fan of colorful crackles. But paired up with the right colors, it made a great combo!

If you're not too thrilled on trying to achieve some eccentric designs, but still want to have fun and unique nails, crackle polishes are definitely a go-to! With a simple 1 coat, you'l have a crackle effect on your nails... plus you get to pair it up with your favorite polish underneath ^__^ Cute easy and fast!

Polishes: Sinful Colors "Rise and Shine" // Forever 21's Love&Beauty "Hot Pink" // Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat "Snow Blast"

I did not use a Seche Vite top coat for this... 
I usually don't top coat crackles. I'm not too sure why :::shrug:::

Growth Update...!!!!!!

Last week I told you guys how rebellious and short my nails have been. And how I was giving this "Sally Hansen Maximum Growth" nail treatment a try... to see if my nails would improve.

And omg they most definitely did...!!!

Here are my nails exactly a week ago. Nubby nails ;'( and very prone to breaking.

Here are my nails a week after using the maximum growth formula! 


The bottle claims to give you results in a week, and I was hella skeptical but thought "hey why not?!"

And it actually helped my nails out a whole bunch. Using it as a base coat, I applied it maybe 2 or 3 times within the week, right before doing a brand new mani. And little by little I started noticing the thickness in my nails improve :) 

This turned out to be a great product thus far, let's see how it'll do after two weeks or a month.

I also wanted to give OPI's Nail Defense treatment a try. I hear great things about it. 

Anywhoo hope you enjoyed <3

Questions? Comments? 

Hit me up YO! ;*


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