Mani Monday!

Mani Monday...!

This week I present you my finger tips, while undergoing Beiber fever...!!!

Justin "Beebs" Beiber should be proud... <3

Enjoy <3

I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve nails. 

Managed to get my hands on my first bottle ever of Nicole by O.P.I nail polish. I decided to try their new Justin Beiber "One Less Lonely Girl" collection. And I absolutely LOVE IT! Superb formula, two coats does the job very well. 

This beautiful Tiffany's blue caught my eye from a mile away. And I have tons of great design ideas for this lovely shade, but I'm waiting on my nails to grow a bit longer to fulfill these designs :( So you will be seeing this gorgeous polish again! 

Also managed to play with Nicole's "Beat of My Heart", another Beiber polish. Consisting of cute little pink and purple hearts you can dazzle your tips with <333 

Polishes: Nicole "My Lifesaver" // Nicole "Beat of my Heart" (picture above this one)

Had to do another summatime flower mani!

Another first-time polish on this mani... FingerPaints.

This polish was a gift <333 And I fell head over heels when I saw this phenomenal shade...

Consisting of a curious gradient of grey, bronze, and amber...

But for some reason, the polish is a completely different shade when applied. :'(

sadness :(

Still managed to work it out though!! With the help of my trusty dotting tool :)

Apart from this color confusion, the consistency of the formula is top notch!


My dotting tool is my magic wand!! 

With it, I can create summer daisies, dots of all sizes, and even cute little hearts!

I suggest this handy dandy tool to all nail art enthusiasts out there <3

I got mine at Sally's Beauty Supply for $3.

Polishes: Finger Paints "It's Baroque" // China Glaze "In Awe of Amber" // Sinful Colors "Snow Me White"

Tools: Dotting Tool

My poor nails have been having a terrible time staying strong, lately. 
The breakage has been nonstop ;''( Having me file them down to nubs every week :( 

They're usually very cooperative nails, but they've been very rebellious as of late. And with summertime now amongst us, I bring out my cute outfits... and nubby nails are a big no-no accessory!! 
 So I had to act quick!!

I did some research and found this Sally Hansen "Maximum Growth" formula. For "Maximum Growth", obviously :p  Directions say t apply as a base coat once a day, and I will see results in as quick as a week!

I'm hella gassed, of course lol. I will be keeping you posted on this magic growth polish, and will hopefully be having 10 very happy long and strong nails soon!!

Till next Mani!!!! 


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