stephiesosexy x masahiro ito


i really can't emphasize how much i L O V E D...  absolutely L O V E D working with such an amazing team, when i got the chance to collaborate with masahiro ito. I met masahiro at an exhibit downtown back in july. his piece in the exhibition was one of the few pieces that took the limelight that night... an incredible work of art! i was so taken away i took him aside and asked for a picture with him and his work ::nerd::. i then blogged about the exhibit, which you can find here: Graffolution. through networking, my blog and facebook, masahiro and i got back in touch. once back in touch, i was pleasantly surprised to see that apart from a being a media artist and sculptor, masa is also a fashion and jewelry designer. a collaboration was destined! yours truly being an aspiring model and all ;) his designs blew me away once again. his work is a reflection of his unique individuality, and his grand love for mother earth. masa is one of the most inspiring individuals i have ever gotten the chance to encounter. his bond with mother nature, and his love for culture are truly a rare commodity in todays artists. his compositions include the same components used by our native ancestors... fur, leather, beads, wood, feathers, etc... embracing the beautiful, rich native culture of our native ancestors. paying homage to mother earth, and our ancestors through every one of his masterpieces...

we had a spectacular ensemble of talents! 

images captured by Tokio 

born and raised in japan, and established from LA to NYC, tokio demonstrated such a talented eye for capturing perfect angles, images, and lighting.. the head of studio11nyc and shootinglife photography.  tokio created a comforting and creative environment when shooting...  this is essential when trying to capture the confidence and beauty in a model... i'd love to collab with him again!

hair by Konsei 

award winning hairstylist, Konsei, had it down to a tee when "matching" my hair to my wardrobe. you'll see in the pics how amazing my hair came out <3333333 feathers, braids, curls, buns, bangs... all in one... wonderfully done!!

make up by Haruka 

so most of my shoots consists of either natural, barely there makeup. or dark, sultry, smokey cat eye and bright red lips "stephiesosexy"ish makeup... but Haruka did my makeup in a way i've never had it done before... and i was in awe <333!! she seemed to have pinpointed key features on my face and POPPED them out using light pastel shades. you'll see in the pics she kept it very natural... but was exceptional at bringing out my eyes,  and skillful at not looking too plain. definitely very different from my previous looks. it has inspired me to go for looks like this more often. i loved the way she did my makeup SO much that i try to replicate it everyday now lol i really do and it doesn't come out half as gorgeous as she did it...! <3 loved it!!

clothes & jewerly by Masahiro Ito

ugh i can't express how confident, natural, and bold i felt wearing masa's designs.... they're so inspirational that i kind of got into character wearing them lol... i naturally have a very "native" look to me... so with the hair, makeup and clothes i felt like my own version of pocahontas lol i love his designs SO ORIGINAL.. <3 

i wasn't the only model at the shoot. i got the pleasure to collab with miss reese antoinette. gorgeous facial features, awesome body, reese is such a graceful model. she pulled off her look WONDERFULLY. she's been modeling for a very long time and i was so inspired to see her work the camera... beautiful girl and very sweet <3

everyone was very talented. creating art together <3

now time for 
some behind the scenes!!!!


went from zombienosexy...

to nativesosexy!!!

wearing one of masa's fur shawls... lovely!
i love my hair <3

just a tiny piece of masa's wardrobe <3


he makes all of his designs himself..!!

gettin dolled up and shit ;p

kosei working his magic!!


aaaoooww ;)
this was my second look.


eskimo, native-ish i LOVE IT!

yours truly in my second outfit...
L O V E <3!!!

my first look... ugh i fell in love with everything! specially the necklace!
my hurrr is hella fly i love it

reese and tokio workin it!!! 

a few of my shots ;)

glam glam GLAM!!




lovely turnout..!!

now..... i've gotten alot of wonderful feedback from my awesome friends and supporters...

but i have had some negative feedback :( concerning the fur in the shoot... i've had people comment my work quite sternly and in some cases even criticizing me. i've also had anonymous messages trying to ridicule me... i responded quite kindly to that anonymous as you can see here ;)

well this is my response to all the unnecessary chaos:

when promoting my work, i am promoting just that


 not my personal principles, not my personal ideals, not even my personal opinions. it's all about my aspirations and my WORK. i am pushing and networking my WORK. my alter ego, stephiesosexy ;). as much as i LOVE  a good debate, as much as i LOVE to have a heated and highly opinionated  discussion, i am NOT trying to ignite one when promoting my work. all i am doing is NETWORKING. not telling people what's right what's wrong what's up what's down what's back what's forth. so i'd appreciate it if my feedback, matched my cause. 

work network promote work network promote work network promote

my opinions and ideals are expressed through my blog posts that are not  modeling/networking/promotion related. feel free to attack me on those posts. i'd actually really like that.

#1. you don't know where i stand with my beliefs.
#2. i am very proud of my work. 
#3. and no you are not going to change that.

::s.s.s is about to get real ghetto::

what i find fucking ridiculous is that most of these fucking lames attacking my work on some "anti fur" shit, are being the BIGGEST HYPOCRITES OF LIFE. please... DO NOT come at me talking fur this and fur that.. when YOU YOURSELF WEAR LEATHER, CONSUME EGGS/COWMILK/FISH/MEAT/POULTRY, AND/OR SUPPORT SOME ANIMAL TESTED PRODUCT... that you didn't even KNOW was animal tested...

don't try to be cute by saying fur this fur that...
i know it's the trendy thing to do nowadays but...
do your research!!
cuz hypocrites ain't cute.


okay done ranting...

oh and i wanted to quote masahiro, when speaking upon that subject...

"alot people forgot where they're from. the first human clothes were furs, leathers, leaves, barks, flowers, claws, bones, horns, and many many more provided by mother earth. that's where we're from. hunters, fishers, farmer, survivors of mother earth. i can not tell eskimos, inuits in alaska don't hunt or don't eat meat! there is ice. no vegetables grow. there are indigenous people in the 4 corners of this planet. Respect the culture & history."

lovely defended, masa.

masa and i back in july at Graffolution with his superb piece!

awesome links...!!!!!

artist/designer masahiro ito

photographer tokio

hairstylist kosei

makeup artist haruka

model reese antoinette



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