Mani Mondays!

stephie checking in and tealin it like it is on this weeks mani monday!! ;]

o0o0oh and finally managed to get my hand on a polish i've been longing for... 


enjoy <3

polishes:  nyx "bubble gum" // OPI shatter "black shatter"

polishes: soo nails "first & first" // sinful colors "snow me white" // sinful colors "black on black"

tools: nail art brush

till next mani ;)



k said...

ooo love the "soo nails" never seen the brand tho where'd u get it? looks like a niceee color!

stephiesosexy said...

thanks love!

i found it at a little spanihs beauty supply on roosevelt avenue in jackson heights. the whole strip is filled with great beauty supply shops. i usually stick to brands i know about but i had to try soo nails.

and glad i did! i loooooooove the formula its lovely! i'll be racking up on more so you can check it out :)