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i am 5 feet (on a good day) and i weigh about 100lbs. not my ideal weight but i'm getting there... the best advice i give anyone on loosing or maintaining a certain weight is to eat right. very general statement but very true. DO NOT over eat. ever. it takes your brain 20 minutes to realize you are FULL. so when you eat eat and eat, you may have already filled yourself up but you don't realize it till all of a sudden you feel you're going to explode. at this point you've overeaten and have consumed way too much. overeating is noooo bueno.  

keeping your metabolism BUSY and moving. 
and stay drinking ALOT OF WATER. 
these are the keys.  

instead of having 2 or 3 big meals in your day, have about 5 small meals, all composed of good food. avoid sugary and/or greasy foods. start substituting. and READ THE LABELS. 

im not saying slave over nutrition facts, but KNOW your nutrition facts. don't just grab the first drink labeled "sugar free"... cuz that same drink could be LOADED with sodium which is just as bad if not worse.   i must admit, i previously found myself guilty of counting calories. but that just got me into the habit of reading the label and becoming familiar with what i am actually consuming. 

substituting helps ALOT. the main and most affective thing to substitute is your drink. many people don't realize that one of the main reasons for being overweight is your drink. for some reason, people feel liquids aren't fattening. fucking hilarious. sub your sodas, iced teas, and juices with WATER. i cannot stress this enough..!!!! i know water may be hella bland, and  you may have a hard time drinking JUST plain old water, no problem. have your soda... just make sure you have a glass of water on the side. have some water before and after your meal. then start carrying a bottle of water around. little by little, your relationship with water will flourish wonderfully. that's how i did it. little by little. now, i CANNOT go a single day without water. it's pretty insane. i literally have water on me at all times. i naturally consume over a liter a day. and (effortfully) can do 2 liters a day. 

i've actully gotten to the point where juices, sodas, and iced teas fill me up easily. i cannot even finish a bottle of snapple. BUT i can devour a liter of water no problem. this is a good thing lol...

apart from your drink, you can start subbing your food. very simple and you don't have to become a vegetable enthusiast. there are many easy substitutions.... like grilled is better than fried and wheat is better than white. if potato chips are your midday snack, sub it for a bag of pretzels. will last you and fill you up for longer. sub rice for corn or wheat bread, or a salad. 

don't feel obligated to eat the entire meal on your plate. many times, we eat with our eyes. take your time with your meals and snacks, never rush them. save some for later. saves you $$$ too.

i am just touching upon daily diets. the tough part. cuz anyone can jump on a treadmill but not anyone can have mind over matter when it comes to food...

i have many little tips i live by. they may seem small, but when put into a day to day basis, they have big affects. if you'd like to know more let me know!! i have TONSS more where this came from..!! and i'd be more than happy to fill you in! <3

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