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I've been trying my best to get back on my modeling grind lately. i'm proud to say i've been doing quite a good @ not slacking anymore. i had the pleasure of collaborating with edgar mattey recently. i've teamed up with edgar before, making him one of my favorite photogs. humble, bubbly, and easy going i always look forward to working with him. plus he's superb at making me look 7 feet tall, a rare yet effective skill many photographers lack ;)

LOVED the turnuot of this shoot. feeling fun,
comfy and confident, edgar and i were loving the results.
started off with a pink, playful look... i had alot of fun with that one...
then as the shoot progressed, things went from girly and coy,
to vampy and sultry. hmmmm......

creamy ^__^

the following pics are lightly edited by me...


hair, makeup, and styling by yours truly.
editing by edgar.
and a few edits by me.

a big warm hug and thank you to edgar...
you kick so much ass ;)

in case you haven't checked out the behind the scenes/teaser video...
 you can view it here!

check out more of edgar's work at  mattey photo
and perceptivo magazine...

two very worthy links!!

hope you guys enjoyed ^___^


maybe it's the season. 
or maybe it's the weather.
possibly something new,
or it could just be love...

or perhaps it's my longing for change
whatever it is... it's been making me quite brave lately...
 influencing my shoots.

but of course, my morals will never be altered.


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Lerebours said...

Beautiful :-) so pure.......let me find out stephy is going all diva now