stephiesosexy x cameralondon

about a month ago, i had the pleasure of collaborating 
with new york/ london based photographer cameralondon.
i am delighted to come across photographers that are skilled in capturing a woman's 
natural beauty. only a few photographers can embrace the grace and femininity in a woman, 
without the need of a makeup artist, hairstylist, wardrobe stylist, or even major editing.

ben, cameralondon, is exactly this kind of photographer. like me, 
he loves the gorgeousness in simplicity. this is shown throughout his work...
so once we got in contact for a collaboration, i was so excited! i prefer soft, pure, natural
shots over super extravagancy any day!! i feel if you're gifted, you don't even need a whole
team of people to fix you up, or 40 diffrent editing methods. this goes for both models and photographers. 
ben was a thrill to work with! hilarious, creative, dynamic and a british accent to top it off, i anticipated the shots even before we were done! i absolutely love the very light editing, and how simple yet elegantly he captured every image of me... he knows exactly how to accent a woman's most alluring features without being too bold about it... leaving the viewer wanting more...

hair and makeup by s.s.s

check out more of ben's lovely captures at 


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Alex said...

u never gave me props like this :\