mmmuuuuaaahh goodbye 2010!!!


ahhh last day of the year... this day always brings a nostalgic, reminiscent atmosphere.
apart from the anxious, excited, party atmosphere that takes over at night of course!

i <3 2010 for granting me enormous epiphanies... confidence and motivation! 
this new found glory has had it's great outcomes, one of them actually being my blog! 
which brings me more creativity, drive, and self inspiration everyday... 

2010, like every other year, was a rollercoaster ride of a year. but unlike every other year, there were
more ups on this rollercoaster ride than downs. for me at least... and if not for you, then 2011 is YOUR
oppurtunity to take the reigns and MAKE IT your year. i'm a believer of destiny, but i also feel
you are 99% in control of your OWN destiny...!!! if you've got health, you've got it all!!

everyday you wake up, it's not just any other day,
its a GIFT... the gift of another chance at destiny...
everyday, is one day closer to the end,
yet everyday, is one  more day of life!!!

savor this into your everydays.
i wish everyone a wonderful last day of the year,
but most of all i wish everyone a GOLDEN 2011!

happy new year to all!!!


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