Nicotine balcony thoughts.

Just a thought.

Oh how lucidly conniving the human brain can be. The monstrous empire it creates out of a few grains of sand. The endless oblivion that swallows you whole. Effortlessly vanishing without a trace. Such a dark God like POWER shattering you to scabby knees. your glossy eyes searching those careless skies, amidst a silent scream.  

Oh how robustly promising this dictator of a mind can be. Mentoring you into ruling a wilderness of sparkling dreams. Holding your vulnerable trembling hand while crossing these crumbling streets… The cool wind beneath your shattered wings… Cradling your blanket covered self, into the promised land.  

How insignificant we are to the mind.

Our weapon of mass destruction holding us hostage.  

Free yourself and take the reigns. Grab ahold like it’s the end of days…

Oh the fucking irony.

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