needle time!

I can be quite the masochist.

So, i had acupuncture for the first time ever yesterday afternoon. and i must say it was quite the expirience. in my last post i rambled on about how i was on my way to a massage/acupuncture session. i honestly thought i was going to chicken out of the acupuncture. not because i am afraid of needles (i actually LIKE needles... weird i know.) but because my back pains have been dramatically painful and i didn't see how puncturing my aching muscles would help. but to my pleasant surpirse it defintely did. 

wonderfully relaxing, a bit thrilling, and definitely different. my first experience with this traditional Chinese treatment really took me by surprise. now, i am not going to paint a lovely picture and say it was all peachy keen. because it wasn't. i will admit that there was a bit of pain that had to be endured when my masseuse placed each needle all along my back and shins. every prick would spark an involuntary jolt from nervous little me. but after the needles were placed, it was nothing but pure tranquility. 

my back is back in business <3
i am now looking forward to more needle time :)

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