my heart belongs to you.
you real man, you.

a man of one face,
not a bunch or a few.
a man of one outlook,
not four hundred and two.
you need just ONE woman
just ONE to love you.

just one to seduce
just one to hold dear.
just one that excites you
just one every year.

when i look at you baby
i'm never confused.
i see only my MAN,
never a boy or a dude.

never a fraud or deceit
never a sham or untrue,
our comfort is priceless
never asking
"who ARE you?".

eternally you.
entirely you.
you feel i deserve it
you feel i've earned you.

your character and values
they never disappear
wether you're single, in love.
wether you're far or you're near.

never would my baby
blindly obsess,
and lust over the ladies
with their provocativeness.

his touch is reserved
along with his desires,
reserved only for me,
i make it worthwhile.

with you, my soul won't turn gray
and my spirits won't fall,
my heart won't be crushed,
your love i'll exalt.

your love i will cherish
your fantasies fulfilled.
i'll do anything to please you
embracing the bond that we've built.

but now i am back to reality
back to real world,
shot down by gravity,
such a foolish, naive girl.

for life has its lessons
and there's one you won't be blind to...
there's no such thing as a true love
so my heart belongs to...

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