if i sat here and wrote everything and everyone i am thankful for... i'd be 8 hours late to work back from my lunch break. but there are a few things that have my heart right now more than anything or anyone else.

first off i'd like to egotistically thank myself. thank you steph for keeping your chin up and going through the continuously immense hardships you've had to go through... without them you wouldn't be made out of titanium right now. thank you for being so stubborn, for stubbornness has its advantages. thank you for not stooping down to other people's pathetic levels... but most of all thank you for SEEING your extravagant worth and refusing to lessen it.

secondly i'd like to thank an angel i've been blessed with recently. i don't know what you see in this crazy girl. i don't know where you get your aspirations or determination to guide and anoint my energy throughout the most burdensome days and nights. i don't know how anyone would ever be able to measure your patience. they'd probably have to bring out the scales use to weigh whales in. (jadakiss). i don't know any of this and more. but i know more than anything that you are incredibly appreciated.

and lastly i'd like to thank everyone who checks out my blog <3
wether it be out of curiosity, nosiness, interest, 
concern, inspiration, boredom or even hate.
i'd like ot thank you.

my blogs in its baby steps but i promise to make it full grown. 
i will try in my bestest efforts to somehow inspire or brighten your day with every visit. <3

merci beaucoup.

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