puny humans.

this video never ceases to amaze me.

us humans feel so high and mighty sometimes. some of us even get drunk off this false colossal power. we feel dominant and even greater than other humans. when in reality we are all just as small as the next person.  you may think you're grand because of your status/money. but watch this video, and realize that there are way bigger, more richer things out there.

here are some iphone pics i'd like to share :)

took a trip to barnes and noble the other day. bumped into a few goodies.

this, of course, made me smile <3

this made me sad :*( SO disappointing.

this reminded me of me ;)

this is a GREAT READ

and this is every woman's bible.
i was skimming through this was incredibly amazed 
at how many women NEED THIS in their life. asap.

went out for drinks with a very special someone on sunday.. 
took alot pics with this sweet iphone app called hipstamatic. 
i am in LOVE. check out the quality...

caipirinas <3


<3 <3

went to the beach later that night <3

if you are an iphone owner, do yourself a favor and download this app NOW! it's like $2 but def worth it. comes with different lenses which give each pic a different feel. comes with different film that gives off different borders. so you can mix and match film and lenses. the app also holds contests where they give away awesome prizes.  you can also buy more lenses and more film for even MORE great pics!


i love!

my next post if going to be a very personal one...
i am preparing myself for it.
i have grown closer to my blog.
and my heart needs to vent about a past love...
k siging off now <3


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