au natural

fake hair fake nails #weOFFthat!!!

day 2 of liquidation.
i've had noodle soup for breakfast & dinner. and alot of  water.
my noodle consumption must be cut down and completely end by friday.

i love natural beauty.
i wear prescription contact lenses because i can't see shit. i've been wearing them since i was 10 years old. i started off wearing color contacts (grey). and i JUST started wearing clear two months ago. and i absolutely love it. for 12 years i wore grey and was so infatuated with my "grey eyes". but now i am even MORE in love with my natural brown eyes. i guess its a growing up thing.

no disrespect to all the foxy ladies out there but anything fake you put on you can have naturally for free, more aesthetically pleasing, and less disappointing. except for big tits. but then again i'd rather have my small tits than big old anime cartoon tits that you have to change every 2 years.

ladies i understand its difficult to grow your nails long. so you go and throw down $30 every 2 weeks on some fake acrylic shit or $10 on some glue on  pharmacy joints. but babygirl, you can grow gorgeous strong nails with time, dedication, patience, care, and discipline. it makes it so much more meaningful.

chicas i understand you cut yo hurr short out of desperation and regret it now. and/or i also understand yo hurr takes 3759837593847 years to grow half an inch. so you go and spend trillions on some hair extensions. when you can just grow gorgeous locks with time, dedication, patience, care, and discipline. it makes it so much more meaningful.

as the working girl that i am, i do my own grooming. and it saves me tons of $guapage$. also i don't trust random strangers with my things. everytime i let someone else do my nails they break the next day. now, when i do my nails, they grow strong and bright. same shit with my hair. it's weird. i do love getting pedicures though. so relaxing,.

but hey i'm not knocking the hussle. i just think its way more beautiful when ladies flaunt what they really got; rather than what they just bought. let that gorgeous natural beauty shine baby!


Lerebours said...

I love Natural.... Many guys may love the artificial girl but i appreciate the natural state of a girl. It shows the True side of a person, and there is nothing better then Realness.Also girls tend to wear stuff because they are insecure of themselves and feel the need to appear to be someone they are not in this world only to fit in. Kuddos to you steph :-) Lots of Love

Cosmetik Junkiee said...

i feel like crap cuz i had fake nails until the other day *run and hides* lol

stephiesosexy said...

lol oh plz may that was you being all innocent and cute. i mean chicks who really get it in. you are naturally gorgeous from head to toe silly hoe <3 oxoxoxo

stephiesosexy said...

thanks for the comment fresh! and i'm happy to see a fella appreciate some natural beauty. i love your observations too! alot of guys miss these things!