dear food: it's not you, it's me.

yours truly attempting to blow a bubblelicious bubble.

i LOVE  a challenge. 
specially a beneficial challenge. 
i haven't had one lately. so i decided to challenge myself.

in my last entry i talked about how i was looking for a sacrifice. during then and now i realized that what i'm really looking for is a challenge.  so i am challenging myself with one of my biggest pleasures: food.

i've already had three blog entries solely about food. i LOVE food. this love unfortunately isn't a very pretty love. its a very expensive love. and a very spoiled love. there is no discipline in our love. as i was looking through my budget report (yes i have one) i realized that i spend WAY TOO MUCH money on food. like 75% more than what i should be spending. i eat out way too much and i love it #pause. i work in the city where a good fulfilling meal will cost you a good $8-$10. where a liter of water will run you a good $3.  i drink a liter of water (or more) a day. so do the math. or not. just take my word. i spend way too much money on food ONLY BECAUSE i give into my cravings.  i have no discipline with myself when it comes to food. i need some discipline in my life. 

i am going on a temporary liquid diet.
not for weight loss (which i wouldn't mind anyway) 
but for the challenge. 
for body cleansing.
the opportunity to begin healthier eating habits with  a clean slate.
and the hope that this will be my gateway into a more strict&disciplined "food lifestyle".

i hope this will help me cut back on me spoiling myself with my cravings and become more wary of what i eat. i want to eat healthy. and i know a liquid diet is not healthy. but it is my way of starting off with a CLEAN SLATE. ignoring my cravings using this liquid diet will hopefully help me view food as  privileged nutrition rather than a pleasure overdose. I have been doing my research for a few days now and i decided to start today. monday the 12th. monday being the first day of the week helping me keep track of this easier.  

i will make sure to consume a good amount of protein, and vitamins to make up for the solid food i won't be having. and drink plenty of water to help the cleansing process. 

i am cheating though. 
i am allowing myself to have noodles the first few days just so my stomach doesn't catch a bitch fit. another exception is the green tea kit kat bars my boss said he'd get me from japan. they are green tea *my absolute favorite* and they are from across the globe. so i MUST have them. this is the ONLY exception! 

for breakfast today i had half a nutriment drink.
then lunch a miso soup ::yum::
after work a jamba juice
and for dinner noodles.
and of course plenty and plenty of water throughout the day. but i do that everyday.

i will be updating my "liquidation" process. it's going to be extra mega tough for me since i'm such a foodie. but food and i are taking a very much needed break from our roller coaster love. once we get back together we will lead a very healthy relationship and flourish together <333 wish me luck!!! and if anyone has any hints tips or comments please let me know i'd really appreciate it! 

oh by the way.. this right here has made my heart flutter, my spirits rise, and my skin goosebump.

my very own, long awaited, HIGHLY anticipated  sweet escape.
to my GORGEOUS hometown MIA <3333
thank me later steph. <33333


vickipages said...

Congrats on your trip and love the vid!!!

Cosmetik Junkiee said...

U are like the cutest thing on earth, love the video. This is inspiring how ur making so many sacrifices when temptation is all around you. i don't know how you could do this & u may not think so but u have amazing willpower. Keep it up ;)

stephiesosexy said...

thanks vp lol im the next spielberg!

thankies may <3 sigh its hella tough! but i believe through life and expiriences you grow a hard shell. with a soft interior.. like a turtle <33