LIRR could blow me.

damn this machine to hell. it rapes me and my wallet every morning/afternoon/day/night. yeah its a cozy ride. yeah its punctual. yeah its pretty convenient. yeah pretty cool people board it. but DAMN IT TO HELL! sigh. i have a love/hate relationship with it i must admit. i just wish it wasnt such a golddigger!! and i'm really getting sick of all the mutha effin guidos and bleached blonde guidas hopin on it every night. i mean i CAN take cheap mta transportation to my destinations. i'd just have to spend a good 2-3 hours on a mutha effin train. rather than a simple quick 20 minutes on an lirr<3. one day, lirr baby, we;ll look eye to eye. i'll be a gazillionare and buy a mutha effin round trip monthly for you. and hey i'll even forget my ticket whenever you want me to just so i can spend 20$ on a rond trip. anything for you. but as of right now lirr. you could blow me. and i wont call you the next day.


Andrew said...

stop stealing my concepts

junior said...