Martin Luther King day.


it's been a few months. i promise i'll be around more often.
happy Martin Luther King day. not "MLK" day. you shouldn't abbreviate such a great man. i honestly hate how people think that his great speech started off with "i have a dream". it's unfortunate because the BEST part of the speech is BEFORE  "i have a dream". sigh. so i'm watching tv right now and they're giving coverage on Martin Luther King day. and the white female reporter is trying SO hard to say "african american" instead of "black". and she sometimes slips and catches/corrects herself. it's funny.

damn i hate january. crappy weather. i just installed about 6 adobe products onto my computer. yessss. ugh means no sleep for me! well i am off all week anyways being that they cut my hours! sigh. another reason to hate january. i need lil kim to be my best friend.  off to my *LAYOUTING*!! 

and i leave you with a dancehall tourist. try not to pee your pants.

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minxy said...

omg. im speechless......